Надо жить потре…

Надо жить потребностями дня, то есть забыться. (Anna Karenina)

We must live the needs of the day, that is to forget.

Stefan Arkadievich has been caught by his wife with the French governess and when he wakes up in the morning on the leather couch in his studio he recalls the fact and tries desperately to find an answer at что же делать? what to do. The more natural, yet complicated and unsolvable one is the quote I reported. The brother of our beloved Anna Karenina was particularly devoted to amusements and pleasures in life; he knows that that phrase can be applied even when it’s about waiting a woman’s anger to fade away.

As I knew that the only way not to get excessively anxious about my exams during the Erasmus in Bruxelles ( I spent 5 months there and managed to get 6 exams with great marks, included russian, that left that scar of great love for all the community and the proud to shout it even on the web) was to get down at the bar on the corner every night, sing at the karaoke every thursday and possibly never get to sleep without some champagne. – God bless le Saint Plon and me not having a car there -. Time went by and I could wake up late everyday with just a coffee and my goals stamped in my mind, but not guilty of being overcame by them.

Because the privilege is having the privilege of forgetting.

For the very reason that I so often get completely and passionately involved in every single moment of a common day, – so much that it happens to forget what’s more real in this-, I decided to start a blog and share with the world extracts of my life which I will be forced to think on.

Why you should be concerned? Because – as I, like people with great brains (quoting Churchill now), have big curiosity and can fly around often (not only with planes) – , this blog will be about anything that comes to my mind and has particularly touched me: a place, a book, a film, a purse, a cat, a jewel, a hat, politics, music….. a person indirectly, if it makes me grow and reflect in front of the screen of my tablet, like an ultimate version of Carrie Bradshaw.

An optimus way of forgetting the burden of time, isn’t it? A thought for Baudelaire, that would have suggested to get drunk continuously.


Il faut être toujours ivre.
Tout est là:
c’est l’unique question.
Pour ne pas sentir
l’horrible fardeau du Temps
qui brise vos épaules
et vous penche vers la terre,
il faut vous enivrer sans trêve.
Mais de quoi?
De vin, de poésie, ou de vertu, à votre guise.
Mais enivrez-vous.
Et si quelquefois,
sur les marches d’un palais,
sur l’herbe verte d’un fossé,
dans la solitude morne de votre chambre,
vous vous réveillez,
l’ivresse déjà diminuée ou disparue,
demandez au vent,
à la vague,
à l’étoile,
à l’oiseau,
à l’horloge,
à tout ce qui fuit,
à tout ce qui gémit,
à tout ce qui roule,
à tout ce qui chante,
à tout ce qui parle,
demandez quelle heure il est;
et le vent,
la vague,
vous répondront:
“Il est l’heure de s’enivrer!
Pour n’être pas les esclaves martyrisés du Temps,
enivrez-vous sans cesse!
De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise.”

Xx, A.


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