Funny as a barrel of monkeys


Peanuts are something I go nut for.

Image Having a nutrition including peanuts everyday is something very sane, for many reasons: a) you’ll always be satisfied with them, no worries if your not drinking champagne or martinis but just a coke or a simple glass of water; b) they’re energetic in terms of calories, they can take the place of a meal (worthing for me leaving alone); c) in front of the tv, you’ll have satisfaction avoiding to fill yourself with bowls of ice-cream or other cakes full of carbs and sugars; d) it’s proved they are great to prevent heart diseases, cellulite and water retention; e) B and E vitamins antioxidant, fibers, magnesium, zinc, iron; d) because the shortage of food proteins throughout the world, peanut has attracted the interest as a potential source for human as well as animal consumption.


 Bad love gets to fat ans unsatisfaction. It almost happened to me, that’s why today my stronger advice is: try to stay single and never break up with peanuts, or with your blanket.


I kept mine when I went in erasmus, my room was a jewel ❤

ImageThis was just a part of it, my favourite.

But there’s nothing better than a friend and a kiss at the right moment!             Image

So, Peanuts are the basic element and, most important, all of us. Do you agree?


Xx, A.


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