Nespresso’s supremacy


Good morning from Berlin! It’s wonderful l am drinking Nespresso even here, I was worrying I would be poisoned but I am very lucky my acquaintances always, unconsciously, have my tastes 🙂


This is the coffee machine we have in Italy, object of a lot of discussions as my mother claims the property and I use to steal her capsules. Lately I began to buy them on my own and claim the co-use. Easy, ‘cause I drink the stronger coffee than anybody in the family.


By the way, capsules are very practical and can be ordered from everywhere by the website

Personally I love to go in the shops and ask for a try; that’s the best way to have a perfect coffee for free! In Brussels the shop was huge and the corner was really small and comfortable though, with a staff really kind. I could sit and meet people at the round table, and was served with biscuits too. I didn’t find that kindness in Italy, for no reason: we Italians can’t even claim the ownership of the enterprise (it’s Suisse!) and the prices are the highest.

Xx, A.


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