Cold makes feel (more) alive


…and there’s nothing like a Russian sauna in a northern city’s evening. 15 minutes getting HOT then running under a freezing shower with 6° of external temperature. You get used so fast that you can keep on watching the stars naked outside. I was surprised to know that the moon in eastern cultures is the male, and sun is the female because the latter gives life to everything; in Latin countries genres are inverted, and for me its logical because the moon is mysterious and has 30 days cycle’s length. Playing Juliet’s role I prayed my Romeo: ‘‘Oh, don’t swear by the moon. It’s not constant — over the month it changes in shape. Is that how your love is?”… in the Italian translation Moon is a lady, I just would never thought it was to relativise too! We eastern countries do have Cultures (capital ones).

Maybe I myself defend the genre of the moon because I feel comfortable with her, it covers all the secrets so quietly, like a skilled woman. Like the cold, after having fixed your thoughts on it’s strongness it’s so enjoyable to have a drink and/or go to bed, undressed by the weight of the day. Every secret appears clear to those who share it, but as soon as the sun comes up the magic fades away.


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