Festival of lights (?)

photo-4Here’s Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate during the famous festival of lights, magnificent as you can never see . In fact, as you personally can state, the only festival was held by beggars selling umbrellas just below the monument.

Foto 5_1

Should I guess that everythig was already over at 2am?! Let’s not complain if youngsters go to Berlin to get drugs in order to feel in love for a night (ecstasy in street pills form, MDMA technically) and get stoned by electro-music. Probably the nightclubs work well like this, the strict owners make good business. I am not curious to see and know though. I am interested in history, in walking on the lines of the wall. Thinking that that small man with mustache that caused World War II was walking on the same lines when he managed to have the Reichstag burnt and held accountable for that a drunkard communist found naked behind there in order to win the elections. And that same building stands still in the same place,now renewed and as solemn as ever. But obviously, not enlightened.

Goodnight Europe, in the hands of Germans….


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