я хочу идти в Россия! A Russian friendly post

I wanna go to Russia. That country so full of history and contradictions,where the two extremes of history took place: the absolutism of the цари (zar) and коммунизм (communism). A travel into the deep Russia, to discover their traditions and interact with these people, so deep and warm hearted, different of how many people like to stereotype. Like my teacher in Belgium, who liked me because I liked the impossible and I was/am a stakanovist. She also used to say that italians and russians are similar and a marriage between them is a “Si-Da”. Helpful people, with deep traditions like the ones we have in Italy; because apart the capitals,-Rome and once Saint Petersburg,- all the other cities were town with characteristic traditions. The major differences are the temperatures and the loss in Italy of home made vodka.

I write this post after having read an article on the New York Times, which I’d like to share:


When I was little one of my favourite cartoons was Anastasia.

titleAnastasiaI had the chance of rewatching it recently,which made me think of my teacher’s joke that probably in another life I was russian. In that case,I am probably just remembering what I’ve been experiencing 🙂

That explains why in Paris I fell on Rasputin nightclub and ended up having Beluga shots.

I am referring to the best vodka in the world, the one so heavenly good with caviar…. and so damn hard to find in Europe, unless you go in high Russian friendly places (eg, Jimmy’z nightclub in Monte-Carlo).

download (2)

На здоровье!


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