How to throw a proper party.


  • Everybody brings bottles, and the host may be careful there is every kind of these;
  • I insist on the quality of bottles;
  • Food is unnecessary, but peanuts always fit;
  • The speed of music increases proportionally with the level of alcol;
  • A slow classic in the middle is wonderful;
  • An hookah is a touch of class and a way to have collective visions with some vodka inside;
  • The host should be careful to choose guests, mixing the same level of people;
  • A little dresscode is fun, – eg hot pants, black&gold, sixties- ;
  • Little games during the party are welcome.
  • Plastic glasses, I’ve recently learnt this must be a rule….

It’s super easy, isn’t it? It’s one of the few things in which I believe union makes force, at least in order to have a perfect open bar! There’s no reason for not hosting parties in my opinion, life is beautiful if we’re able to celebrate the good moments with well chosen friends and yet open-minded for the best. If you celebrate every minimal success the law of attraction will give you even more. I am very thankful.

Party before the erasmus
Party after the erasmus
Sliding slow with daddy at my 18th super birthday party ❤



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