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My idea to spend the New Year’s Eve at home watching sex and the city miserably fell… Let’s all the world shine, kiss strangers at midnight, make wishes. And maybe forget everything tomorrow. Just joking, I wish everybody to enjoy the moments, a new year beginning and welcome the surprises in it. Tonight partying is just a drop in the ocean, like every day and night, it has to be enjoyed for what it is… 2013 was blasting and being a 21 years old girl in the 21st century is so great. Bonne fin d’année à tous!


Christmas at Cantini’s house

You can’t hate Christmas if you have a lovely family… But what if your family is composed by 3 members, a grandmother and an aunt that is never with us? This seems the perfect scenario to leave the town, I know. But I’ve never in my life left for Christmas and never will, because it is the day the rarest Cantinis adopt others families throwing a party in the house. And wait, – not a fat burn party, a delicacy dinner with matched wines and champagne -, people keep on eating, and drinking, and dancing. This time was blaster then ever, guests multiplied, almost 80! The stronger dishes were: foie gras, pumpkin soup with chicory, canard à l’orange, various desserts accompanied by my mascarpone’s cream. Privilege of being a small family is being free almost not eating for lunch, hiding the meat to granny like every time she cooks me a huge lunch 😉
Today dad was happy he received a stereo for the iPod and prepared a strong playlist (so he believed, it was 1/3 of mine), and by my side a bottle of vodka beluga (easy to guess, it was well known how much I was looking for it and the family deserved it).
On my side I had a lot of friends, a super dinner and the best gifts ever, seems like my friends knew what I needed without me telling.
Things I left in the shops uncertain memento “I’ll be back when the crisis will keep away the large amount of people from the stores and I’ll be served properly”… So, perfect.
This is a special public thank you and I’m glad I can share this perfect first Christmas for my blog!
Life is about sharing and feeling (strong) emotions.
My dad is a master in telling jokes: now that I have an iPhone in my hands, I’ll make him a superstar publishing them on YouTube! Here’s the first to be published, keep on looking, he’s an infinite source of inspiration:
And to give an idea, part of the party at the end of the soirée:

I took no pictures of us, the younger. The older were much more fun!!

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Merry Christmas’ Eve!

Those are the days of parties with family and friends, which include super heavy dinners, cheerings and dancing till dusk to burn the fat (this latter goal is easily obtained running fast all around the city at the quest of the last missing gifts). Anyway there’s happiness in the air, December sesh it’s over (well done or sent to January, whatever, it’s holiday) and the world get smaller and much more sensitive. Go to hell to the ones that think it is a consumeristic period! Finally economy seems to turn, shops and restaurants are full and everyone can walk under the lights with the lovely bags of shops! And even spend money on Santa Claus costumes, creams and crazy gifts you’d never consider. I am definitely more in love with this period than ever. You may guess right imagining me with two Guess’ shopping bags with my total new outfit for NYE and another pair of shoes! I will post everything at the right moment, after I’ll have worn the outfit. Even the gifts for my parents are the best than ever but I just can’t ruin them the surprise… Just two more significant pictures:


Merry Christmas dinner, Santa’s heading to Italy!!
Ps our family’s unique 25th December party deserve a special post tomorrow

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Positive things of being single for Christmas

Indeed the best thing is buying yourself gifts you’re sure you’re going to appreciate and use at your own benefit, and to the others’ when it’s about nice outfits and accessories. Thinking of the cost/opportunity you don’t have to feel guilty to spoil yourself 🙂
By now I gifted myself with a Versace passpartout clutch/wallet where I can also keep my phone safe, a gold dress and a gold nail polish (geez, I definitely am a gold addict)… And it’s not finished yet, I’ve just fallen on a black with gold heel Guess’ shoes.
How nice, the phone at the end was my parents’ gift and I can still reward everybody and me too with the excellent results of the two exams I did on the 17th. I can enjoy my holidays and partying deserving them, with J-3 I’ll gift myself with a degree soon… So responsible I’m their only child and I’ve a very small family, they can just have me to be proud of… Luckily, I love everything I do, and study.
Sing out loud happy things, cheers the successes! And love your loved ones (family, friends and cat…right, what should I buy him?).





Indeed waiting the 25th is unuseful, even because the meeting with the charming prince could fall in this extremely romantic period of the year… Then, let’s account he too as a gift!


When law is charming/cool/perverse



I had two exams today in Florence and by chance my daddy supporter took advantage to do some of his lawyer business in the justice court of Florence, the biggest and the most important in Tuscany. I am charmed, it’s been built recently and it’s truly like a city inside. It remembered me the buildings of the UE in Brussels, or whatever, an European project. Like my university, in the campus of Novoli. So different from what Italians where used too not even 20 years ago! Anyway the most interesting thing – apart having 2 exams less on my path – was the possibility of assisting a little the process of Amanda Knox in there. An issue on the top of the agenda setting because of the new sentence and still because she’s been in jail for four years and nobody still knows who’s the murderer of Miranda. All the story is on the web, I wouldn’t write anything new… But imagine she’s not guilty… 4 years with no reasons… In a world moving faster and faster, a girl at the blossom of her life imprisoned in another country with even NO IPHONE with her… I’ve always agreed with the death penalty but thinking of the isolation and getting old totally alone, I begin to reconsider this opinion. It’s more worthy speaking of the costs. Yet I am sure there must be something beautiful to experience jail: like any condition of privation, everything little is to be appreciated. And psychologically I’d be quite impressed to speak with a foolish criminal and study his mind. Amanda is in the US, scared to appear in court, otherwise I’d have tried to approach her for sure. To sustain her. What the hell happened that night? A little party gone wrong ok, but I doubt any beautiful girl could be so foolish or stoned to stab her flatmate like this! Actually in this orgy of people involved, one declared himself guilty for stabbing, but evoked Amanda and Raffaele (the couple so sadly split) to be present. In that Halloween night everything remains dark. By the way, in this country under uncertainty you are behind bars, and whenever this doubt consist, you are condemned anyway. Of course there’s no death penalty, we have no efficiency and Agata Christie in here! If ever I disappear I am in jail to experience, I should find a crime of the kind “one night stand”, possibly in Monaco. So I’d be right back with my iPhone to tell you 😉



Christmas’ food shopping

I absolutely adore going food shopping with my parents at Monaco’s Carrefour, especially under Xmas! There’s no need to talk about the lights and the atmosphere – Monaco’s shining, aneverywhere, the port has an awesome village with full of delicacies and there’s an Olympic swimming pool transformed for ice skating -.
I want to indulge on food and alcohols, so here’s some pics.







Nice bottles huh? Though I’m astonished again even in this period there’s no vodka Beluga…But I found another way to get it, ssssht 😉 


Belvedere and Grey Goose are everywhere and are even more expensive! Going commercial is not very trustable locally…

The best things we put in the basket are:

Not to talk about wines… It’s impossible to drink a good rosé wine in my nation, it’s not our culture (but I feel it from my French ancestors).

In my opinion Ovomaltine crunchy cream is even better than Nutella. In Italy there’s no choice, you have only this… I had been looking everywhere, I checked if I could order it on the web but in Austrian websites it’s crazy to spend 20€.
So anybody interested in my exporting “unfindable” delicacies?


Laws of stupidity

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Is Einstein right or not?
Studying the Generalised Pareto Distribution (GPD) it came up to my mind one of the sociological conversations I happen to have in nights. In fact, who is never complaining about the majority of people when out? How many person you’d rather not cross in an average day?
A Pareto distribution is any economy where the wealthiest 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth.
I like America but the example he himself gives is quite appropriate.
This law of the 80/20 is true even about stupidity and it’s respected in every place.
Carlo Cipolla in his book “the basic law of human stupidity” gets to a more precise point explainable by this graphic:


Smart people can use the naives or be bandits but a stupid can never do something good because either he’s near to naives’ or bandits’ categories his efforts will end only damaging himself and others, and it will appear more ridiculous than ever. That’s why the line totally separates the two major categories.
The comparison with Pareto though is that if every part is a 20%, pure stupids are this amount and the 60% left are a mixture between intelligence and stupidity. So, there’s hope for everybody! The problem is when you give a charge to one in the 20%: then, anything can happen and the damages are infinite, a chain being actived.
According to theories in fact, it would be better to work for oneself because it’s recognised that the smart are the ones that are more likely to trust stupids and not recognizing the possible evolving chain. Everybody should work for himself. At least damages remain someone’s responsibility.
I’d like to enter a politic discourse regarding Italy and its constitution and why the government’s part hasn’t changed yet but I’d rather shut.
Why in history smart things couldn’t be done, why intelligents often mingled with stupids? Who is the smart then? It’s 20-20 and a 60 blurred. And a lot of blindness.

I’ve always thought that intelligence is in relativity. Think of Albert: for sure he was smart (the relativity theory!) but he was quite weird and distract and his wife had to help him.

Smart people can pretend to be stupid while the contrary is absolutely impossible.