23 reasons why owning an apple today is almost like owning a jewel


1 It’s expensive, the diamond of phones;
2 Like a diamond, you can say it’s forever because there are hundreds of ways for keeping the memory;
3 You can ask for the same diamond as you can ask for the same iPhone;
4 Even if it’s stolen or lost, the meaning and the soul remain once backupped to a new one;
5 If you can’t afford to rebuy it, you can be proud to have owned it;
6 There are levels of luxury;
7 It’s guaranteed strongly;
8 You can ensure it against theft and casual damage;
9 More than a jewel, you can retrieve the location if lost;
10 You’re more likely to take self pictures whit this shining thing in your hands;
11 It’s a perfect gift from your loved ones;
12 You can sell it and gain almost the half of its value;
13 You can give it back and add less money to buy a new model;
14 Sometimes it’s regenerated;
15 You can personalize it;
16 You can wear it and combine your outfits depending on it;
17 Differently from diamonds and jewels, it’s wereable with everything;
18 Not being closed in a safe, you enjoy from this everyday;
19 You’re always hopeful to refind this;
20 Anyway,  jewels are symbolic and I couldn’t imagine an iPhone proposal;
21 But, iPhone is a world, much more useful;
22 This apple everyday might not take the doctor away, but even he can be closer or unuseful;
23 The best or nothing… Why changing otherwise?






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