The Law on stupidity

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Is Einstein right or not?
Studying the Generalised Pareto Distribution (GPD) it came up to my mind one of the sociological conversations I happen to have in nights. In fact, who is never complaining about the majority of people when out? How many person you’d rather not cross in an average day?
A Pareto distribution is any economy where the wealthiest 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth.
I like America but the example he himself gives is quite appropriate.
This law of the 80/20 is true even about stupidity and it’s respected in every place.
Carlo Cipolla in his book “the basic law of human stupidity” gets to a more precise point explainable by this graphic:


Smart people can use the naives or be bandits but a stupid can never do something good because either he’s near to naives’ or bandits’ categories his efforts will end only damaging himself and others, and it will appear more ridiculous than ever. That’s why the line totally separates the two major categories.
The comparison with Pareto though is that if every part is a 20%, pure stupids are this amount and the 60% left are a mixture between intelligence and stupidity. So, there’s hope for everybody! The problem is when you give a charge to one in the 20%: then, anything can happen and the damages are infinite, a chain being actived.
According to theories in fact, it would be better to work for oneself because it’s recognised that the smart are the ones that are more likely to trust stupids and not recognizing the possible evolving chain. Everybody should work for himself. At least damages remain someone’s responsibility.
I’d like to enter a politic discourse regarding Italy and its constitution and why the government’s part hasn’t changed yet but I’d rather shut.
Why in history smart things couldn’t be done, why intelligents often mingled with stupids? Who is the smart then? It’s 20-20 and a 60 blurred. And a lot of blindness.

I’ve always thought that intelligence is in relativity. Think of Albert: for sure he was smart (the relativity theory!) but he was quite weird and distract and his wife had to help him.

Smart people can pretend to be stupid while the contrary is absolutely impossible.


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