Christmas’ food shopping

I absolutely adore going food shopping with my parents at Monaco’s Carrefour, especially under Xmas! There’s no need to talk about the lights and the atmosphere – Monaco’s shining, aneverywhere, the port has an awesome village with full of delicacies and there’s an Olympic swimming pool transformed for ice skating -.
I want to indulge on food and alcohols, so here’s some pics.







Nice bottles huh? Though I’m astonished again even in this period there’s no vodka Beluga…But I found another way to get it, ssssht 😉 


Belvedere and Grey Goose are everywhere and are even more expensive! Going commercial is not very trustable locally…

The best things we put in the basket are:

Not to talk about wines… It’s impossible to drink a good rosé wine in my nation, it’s not our culture (but I feel it from my French ancestors).

In my opinion Ovomaltine crunchy cream is even better than Nutella. In Italy there’s no choice, you have only this… I had been looking everywhere, I checked if I could order it on the web but in Austrian websites it’s crazy to spend 20€.
So anybody interested in my exporting “unfindable” delicacies?


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