When law is charming/cool/perverse



I had two exams today in Florence and by chance my daddy supporter took advantage to do some of his lawyer business in the justice court of Florence, the biggest and the most important in Tuscany. I am charmed, it’s been built recently and it’s truly like a city inside. It remembered me the buildings of the UE in Brussels, or whatever, an European project. Like my university, in the campus of Novoli. So different from what Italians where used too not even 20 years ago! Anyway the most interesting thing – apart having 2 exams less on my path – was the possibility of assisting a little the process of Amanda Knox in there. An issue on the top of the agenda setting because of the new sentence and still because she’s been in jail for four years and nobody still knows who’s the murderer of Miranda. All the story is on the web, I wouldn’t write anything new… But imagine she’s not guilty… 4 years with no reasons… In a world moving faster and faster, a girl at the blossom of her life imprisoned in another country with even NO IPHONE with her… I’ve always agreed with the death penalty but thinking of the isolation and getting old totally alone, I begin to reconsider this opinion. It’s more worthy speaking of the costs. Yet I am sure there must be something beautiful to experience jail: like any condition of privation, everything little is to be appreciated. And psychologically I’d be quite impressed to speak with a foolish criminal and study his mind. Amanda is in the US, scared to appear in court, otherwise I’d have tried to approach her for sure. To sustain her. What the hell happened that night? A little party gone wrong ok, but I doubt any beautiful girl could be so foolish or stoned to stab her flatmate like this! Actually in this orgy of people involved, one declared himself guilty for stabbing, but evoked Amanda and Raffaele (the couple so sadly split) to be present. In that Halloween night everything remains dark. By the way, in this country under uncertainty you are behind bars, and whenever this doubt consist, you are condemned anyway. Of course there’s no death penalty, we have no efficiency and Agata Christie in here! If ever I disappear I am in jail to experience, I should find a crime of the kind “one night stand”, possibly in Monaco. So I’d be right back with my iPhone to tell you 😉



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  1. Harry Rag says:

    If anybody wants to understand the reasons why Amanda Knox was convicted of murder, I recommend reading the translations of the official court documents and court testimony. They are available online at the Meredith Kercher Wiki website:


  2. Alessandra Cantini says:

    Thank you, I will!

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