Positive things of being single for Christmas

Indeed the best thing is buying yourself gifts you’re sure you’re going to appreciate and use at your own benefit, and to the others’ when it’s about nice outfits and accessories. Thinking of the cost/opportunity you don’t have to feel guilty to spoil yourself 🙂
By now I gifted myself with a Versace passpartout clutch/wallet where I can also keep my phone safe, a gold dress and a gold nail polish (geez, I definitely am a gold addict)… And it’s not finished yet, I’ve just fallen on a black with gold heel Guess’ shoes.
How nice, the phone at the end was my parents’ gift and I can still reward everybody and me too with the excellent results of the two exams I did on the 17th. I can enjoy my holidays and partying deserving them, with J-3 I’ll gift myself with a degree soon… So responsible I’m their only child and I’ve a very small family, they can just have me to be proud of… Luckily, I love everything I do, and study.
Sing out loud happy things, cheers the successes! And love your loved ones (family, friends and cat…right, what should I buy him?).





Indeed waiting the 25th is unuseful, even because the meeting with the charming prince could fall in this extremely romantic period of the year… Then, let’s account he too as a gift!


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