Merry Christmas’ Eve!

Those are the days of parties with family and friends, which include super heavy dinners, cheerings and dancing till dusk to burn the fat (this latter goal is easily obtained running fast all around the city at the quest of the last missing gifts). Anyway there’s happiness in the air, December sesh it’s over (well done or sent to January, whatever, it’s holiday) and the world get smaller and much more sensitive. Go to hell to the ones that think it is a consumeristic period! Finally economy seems to turn, shops and restaurants are full and everyone can walk under the lights with the lovely bags of shops! And even spend money on Santa Claus costumes, creams and crazy gifts you’d never consider. I am definitely more in love with this period than ever. You may guess right imagining me with two Guess’ shopping bags with my total new outfit for NYE and another pair of shoes! I will post everything at the right moment, after I’ll have worn the outfit. Even the gifts for my parents are the best than ever but I just can’t ruin them the surprise… Just two more significant pictures:


Merry Christmas dinner, Santa’s heading to Italy!!
Ps our family’s unique 25th December party deserve a special post tomorrow


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  1. Cute photographs! Those shoes are a killer, love them so much! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do drop by my blog as well for a holiday read :

  2. Alessandra Cantini says:

    Thank you, you made my inspirations for the nails! Those shoes are not that killer for feet, but I am sure they could kill someone 😉

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