Christmas at Cantini’s house

You can’t hate Christmas if you have a lovely family… But what if your family is composed by 3 members, a grandmother and an aunt that is never with us? This seems the perfect scenario to leave the town, I know. But I’ve never in my life left for Christmas and never will, because it is the day the rarest Cantinis adopt others families throwing a party in the house. And wait, – not a fat burn party, a delicacy dinner with matched wines and champagne -, people keep on eating, and drinking, and dancing. This time was blaster then ever, guests multiplied, almost 80! The stronger dishes were: foie gras, pumpkin soup with chicory, canard à l’orange, various desserts accompanied by my mascarpone’s cream. Privilege of being a small family is being free almost not eating for lunch, hiding the meat to granny like every time she cooks me a huge lunch 😉
Today dad was happy he received a stereo for the iPod and prepared a strong playlist (so he believed, it was 1/3 of mine), and by my side a bottle of vodka beluga (easy to guess, it was well known how much I was looking for it and the family deserved it).
On my side I had a lot of friends, a super dinner and the best gifts ever, seems like my friends knew what I needed without me telling.
Things I left in the shops uncertain memento “I’ll be back when the crisis will keep away the large amount of people from the stores and I’ll be served properly”… So, perfect.
This is a special public thank you and I’m glad I can share this perfect first Christmas for my blog!
Life is about sharing and feeling (strong) emotions.
My dad is a master in telling jokes: now that I have an iPhone in my hands, I’ll make him a superstar publishing them on YouTube! Here’s the first to be published, keep on looking, he’s an infinite source of inspiration:
And to give an idea, part of the party at the end of the soirée:

I took no pictures of us, the younger. The older were much more fun!!


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