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The erasmus/orgasmus state of mind


One year ago, I landed on Belgian hearth for the best. I was beginning an experience called sympathetically by students “orgasmus”. In fact, the sensation was this: nerves really on tense while mentally in ecstasy for every new discovery; the idea of not really knowing what I would have done with this great story, if it would be a great one night stand or if it would be much deeper and useful; it looked like a mystery, I had heard friends who had already experienced it but still the versions were all different – apart that it was widely defined as “great”, “unexplainable”, “the best time”; I had needed to open up my mind at expectations, knowing that anyway I would have trembled of pleasure counting my personal version afterwards. Oooh yeah, I couldn’t imagine at all on that 28th of January…
I fell in love immediately with my room, on the rooftop of a beautiful XIXth century house, whose owners are the greatest family friends. I had a family on the two floors down to where I was, yet I was independent in my territory, shared with three flatmates on whom I had a strong curiosity; I was told there was a Spanish guy and two girls, a Rumanian and another one that was about to leave to be replaced. The fact is that at the moment I arrived, taken from the station by a friend, nobody was there except a ballerina to which Luis had lent his room. I met him the next day but he was about to live for holidays. The Rumanian woman (she’s 28) was at her boyfriend’s in Amsterdam, the other room was occupied by an Italian girl waiting to leave it to a Turkish girl. To cut short, I was alone. And I couldn’t stress anytime my family downstairs. The first night, after the erasmus welcoming beer meeting, I got lost in Ixelles (my neighborhood) because I mistaken the bus stop. First days, I was obliged to get the idea of which exams I could do, and they were all different from the ones I thought – either I had already done them in Florence, either they were the first semester’s. Indeed I had to go to the market, get an idea on how to survive, possibly meet new people etc. I was lucky I already had a friend who introduced me and we could go out – it was the holiday period in the university so they were all free and happy -. It was great, apart the panic attack I had in an electro disco – we haven’t the same tastes -. I experienced true home parties. My floor was for long empty, and I felt abandoned there; later on I discovered that is was better, as I didn’t really get on with my flatmates… Without entering the argument, the saying “smoking like a Turkish” is damn true; but oh my, if it was just this one the problem… Let’s drop. Probably I had my little vices, too: loud music, don’t make noises while I sleep until 2pm, dangerous cooking (I monopolized the freezer to fill it with Picard’s stuff and actually cooked nothing but French fries and vegetables), home late in the night making noises with high heels, later on own guests – fantastic when I cooked waffles for Mexican big guests at 4am while I was waiting for a cab to the airport -. They didn’t know how to live, anyway 🙂
I shifted groups and friends every week, I entered the inter nation’s events, I had no center of gravity. And I was on the crazy idea of only attending russian classes and be ready to do the biggest exam from 0 to 12ects knowledge: this was my biggest bet, nobody believed I could make it but my tutor was alike, and she did her best (thank you Yulia, I love you). Ah, and I had 5 more classes than Russian, which I never attempted!!
All this looks fun, but believe me, the first period was between heaven and hell, as I fell sick for a dust allergy, didn’t know any doctor and couldn’t breath at night… And I missed my parents, granny and friends so much that I was coming back to Italy often – even for the elections! – and took them there to fill my fridge with jam and Italian delicacies, and make my mattress on the floor much more beautiful with a magnificent leopard blanket. The second period I got much more used to my life alone and I began to fill my nights with Saint Plon’s karaoke and crazy events. The only regret was to give a second chance to my ex boyfriend, a jealous desperate very Italian guy who was actually able to screw up at the erasmus gala were I was nominated miss erasmus, just because he heard speaking other languages that were not Italian that – obviously a closed minded idiot of 26 – couldn’t even make the effort to understand. If the team express is reading this post, I deeply apologize – I am very thankful for the experiences we had: Bruges, introduction to Brussels etc. – it’s going to be a regret forever, I am glad the story ended one week later in the worst of manners. Ok, not really a regret, as the best arrived later and I got stronger than ever with my ambitions and fantasies, independent to anybody. I passed all my exams with great notes and to cut short, I continued with this rhythm and I gained one year at the university. Fuck yeah, it was a multiple orgasm. I wish everybody could have the fun I had while working really hard getting results. Love to all the people that joined the excitement, it was/ still is “the best period of my life”.

My window was the highest, with red little curtains…

The side of the ULB where I had Russian classes… I miss all this beauty and green in an institution.


Camminare e costruire, e se necessario combattere e vincere.

Se le idee potessero incanalarsi in una banale frattura… Sarei ottusa, andrei contro e voterei chiunque rappresenti ormai un guscio vuoto. Ma nella storia spesso dal contrario è nato l’Ideale; l’unica cosa certa è la persona, quella che frattura fra odio e amore. Più gli vanno contro e più mi piace. Renzi è un leader, come lo sono stati altri e come ne verranno ancora. Perciò, biograficamente imparagonabile ad essi. Primo fattore comune a tutti i leader italiani – me ne vengono in mente solo due nella politica dell’ultimo secolo, ma ci sono stati altri illustri compatrioti – : la legge elettorale (Acerbo 1923, dal mattarellum nel 1993 al porcellum nel 2006), con il pensiero diffuso che venga creata ad hoc. Forse. Ma purtroppo al suffragio ristretto non possiamo tornare, né tantomeno ad altro… In ogni caso da noi non scendiamo in piazza, non tagliamo le teste e rispettiamo le personalità a costo di vivere cento anni da pecora. Beh, credo che il vanto della nostra nazione stia nel trasgredire le illuminate regole che un 80% di smidollati ha scritto cedendo a compromessi utili giusto per tenersi un posticino. Io credo che la politica non sia solo un calcolo razionale, non è un lavoro normale del quale ‘si vive di’… Ma uno di quelli del tipo ‘si vive per’,è una passione per pochi – non a caso si dice che politici (e attori) si nasce -. In ogni caso la disobbedienza, diciamolo, fa parte dello charme dell’italiano furbo che gli scemi non possono far altro che guardare e invidiare. Dal 1946, qualche politico vero si è visto – ma quanti se nel nostro parlamento ci sono più di 1000 deputati?! Pagati da milioni di pecore. Pensate ai ricambi generazionali e ai senatori a vita e qualcuno mi spieghi il senso di questa carica elettiva attribuita dai vecchi presidenti della Repubblica. Insomma, la Montalcini c’è morta a 103 anni, in Senato!!! -. Dov’è questo tanto citato demos..? Quello poi, per carità. Perlomeno mi basta ascoltare gli argomenti del cittadino medio per rinchiudermi nella torre d’avorio e trovare l’ispirazione per una piccola elucubrazione. E un pizzico di speranza: se dal socialismo è nato il fascismo forse nella versione moderna persino dal Pd può nascere qualcosa di buono.

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Продавайте виллу в красивой Италии – Тоскана!! Ovvero…arrivano i Russi (speriamo!)




Я – и мой отец- чувствовала бы очень рада поговорить о делах с русскими…
I refer to Russians because they invest and I personally know and see how much they like French Riviera (Лазурной Ривьере) and Forte dei Marmi (Форте дей Марми). I am proud I translated the website in that language, but the offer is for everybody – INVESTMENT is the word. As we are similar люди, we would like to propose some affairs in Tuscany and especially in the areas  near to Livorno (Forte dei Marmi included), a nostalgic communist city – I’m talking about its local power –  that would have a high potential though… Can you see its position? In the middle of Italy, with islands easy joinable by yachts, between the seaside and hills; same history than our beloved places in the French département des Alpes-Maritimes… And with a beach club that would have the potential to look like the  Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez:  Calafuria  (check a previous post and on the web ;)).
All that would just need a little dose of capitalism – it doesn’t kill nobody, right? – , sniffing some money and REAL FUN.
Change we can believe in!!!


All the women of the president


There’s nothing more to say about the discovered affaire of the french president Francois Hollande, caught sneaking on a scooter – driven by a bodyguard, hidden by his helmet- at his lover’s house, Julie Gayet, 150 yards from the Élysée palace. The loving boy was seen by a photographer of the gossip magazine Closer that sold for the occasion thousands of copies and put the news under the visibility of the world. I’ve done the exam of political communication this morning, and it’s mostly about presidents and their images, their variations in the popularity curve. The personal image contributes with the political image to form the global one. Scandals contribute visibly to change our favorability toward the presidents, not touching the judgement on their job approval; or at least, so it happened to Bill Clinton who was so able to separe the matter of his infidelities – the president’s personal life – and how he was working as executive organ of the USA. The sexgate involving Monica Lewinsky in 1998 was the cherry on the cake, as before he had the cases Jennifer Flower (he admitted, they even had a long relationship) and Paula Jones (he never admitted but gave her almost 1million $). Anyway, even after the encounters in the so called “oral room” with Monica and an impeachment procedure he managed to maintain a 70% popularity. First Lady Hillary stayed at his side and in 2008 tried to defuse her ultra liberal image. In America private life is highly considered, due to sociological and political factors – prevalence of a Puritan mind, the monocratic figure visibly internationally ruling, and a journalism that doesn’t watch anybody’s eyes having the only criterium is the “newsworthy”-. In european democracies the model of journalism is based on collateralism: a model of interaction between media and politic actors based on a keen attitude of the former toward the firsts. So it was with Mitterrand, who could grow an adolescent daughter had in an extra-marital relationship without the media daring to let go the news public. Who could be so foolish to criticize a politician who has well loved (look at the Act of the Apostle Luke, when Jesus forgives a prostitute because of this very reason)? To make him risk is career for personal affairs? I am afraid to say that judgements are always made upon everything, we like scandals -even of we pretend not- in everyday life, and making the royal figures of presidents ridiculous make everyone smile… We use to forget that they’re human, attempted universities, made steps quite commons. Normal impulses have still to be hidden, it’s no more like when the lovers of the kings of France where widely known and respected. Let’s quote Madame De Pompadour -Luis XV’s lover- who took the champagne into Versailles and helped in the creation of l’Encyclopédie. Lights have never touched America, the star Marylin Monroe was probably killed because of her secret relationship with John Kennedy; almost fifty years later we saw what could have happened -if they were still alive of course. Quite mysterious and intriguing those stories, aren’t they? The fact is: these women make life colorful, today more than the presidents themselves we remember their lovers – with spicy details included. Hollande for instance was known to be the husband of Ségolène Royal, mother of four and candidate at 2007 elections against Sarkozy. She came before him, she’s smarter and more charismatic -even if a socialist. But that pagliaccio of the husband dumped her after almost 7 years of cheating with Valérie Trierweiler -Paris Match journalist bitchy pretending she was friend of the couple-. As we Italians say <<Chi la fa l’aspetti>> and that one is now hospitalized for the shock caused by the cheating of the companion. Even worst, as though she’s not the wife, she can’t be sure to go to Washington visiting Obama the 7th of february. The decision of which woman is up to the president. I smile more than any Italian and French: as Italian, French and everybody else should finally stop pointing the finger against Berlusconi’s bunga bungas and even bow at them -villa,champagne, huge parties, beautiful women…made public. Who on hearth wouldn’t like to express his power like this? Power goes hand to hand with a rich love life, not to say else- ; as a French, are you regretting Sarkozy, are you? Hollande is the most unpopular president of the Vth republic, so unpopular that apparently he even gained in popularity: at least he sneaks to f***k! But still, when it’s about Italians, we’re way ahead. My opinion is that blaming scandals is stupid, everybody should be free to do what he wants and especially presidents: high powers high responsibilities. I was wondering even on the fact that in the US the most conservatives are republicans,  they excell in negative campaigns: in 2000 Karl Rove, Bush’s consultant, planned pushpolls in North Carolina concerning the black daughter of republican adversary McCain -while it’s wasn’t even true, she was adopted!- and so he won. Stupid levels of conservatorism… Misunderstanding its meaning. In Europe the right  preaches conservatorism in the senses of values, respect of women, the right to life etc… The left preaches freedom in a larger sense: it’s favorable to gays’ marriages and adoptions (brrr, will go back on this), interrupting pregnancies and a large dose of boring intellectualism. Berlusconi entered the politic right area founding his party Forza Italia preaching catholic values and still this image is in our minds even if now we know he likes to party in another proper sense; but l wonder why blaming him, he has five sons and still respects his ex wife giving her a crazy amount of money PER DAY (46000€).  His business as a big fish in the cathegory of MEN is done: gaining money then having honey. The world has to go on in all its possible meanings and finally left wing has to take responsibility that their esponents are humans too, not marionnettes -ooops sorry mr Hollande, I’m going to include one hilarious photo of you, to stigmatise the importance of the factor physique du rôle… I am still  shaking for the intensity of your presidency and the charisma you show even in simple discurses like the one of the ending of the year, already registered-.







Shopping first destination in Italy is Florence!


Another exam gone for the best after NYE celebrations, I deserved the sales in the city center! Everybody who’s reading, keep this in mind: there are the same shops than in Milan, except that the atmosphere is definitely much more beautiful. Renaissance in the air, last trends in the showcases. Rome is way too chaotic and dispersed. The correspondent of Milan’s via Montenapoleone e via della Spiga in Florence are via Tornabuoni and via Calzaiuoli (Hermes, Prada, Ferragamo, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi….). Via Roma, the highlights of trends, with Miu Miu, Michael Kors soon opening, Luisaviaroma (it contains every luxury label that I have not quoted already,eg Valentino, YSL, Dsquared). Rinascente is the luxury mall (like Harrods and Lafayette, to say the equivalents). Then there’s a galaxy surrounding that: great leather’s shops, low cost labels, vintage… Not to buy anything, with sales, impossible! I had the third thunderbolt for a pair of shoes in less than a month, then two funny Zara t-shirts (I kinda of collect stamped and funny ones, many with irreverent phrases I’ll have to post soon). In my teenage era I couldn’t miss Brandy&Melville, even if it’s located in via Cavour (a few minutes walking from Duomo, but now there’s a littler one in the gold cradle). Check it at
I suggest to check the sales on Zara’s website as I was told because I couldn’t find a lovely pair of shorts I hesitated to buy in the one in Monaco .
What about jewels? I didn’t receive gold and diamonds today, but I’d like my man having the taste to get a look into the many little shops placed in Ponte Vecchio… The small tipic showcases shine with all kinds
of cuts and antiquities.



And this is me allegedly of fours tons of culture showed and happy for the new entries in my wardrobe, shiny nails ( and cosmopolitan.



This exam was mostly about death and its pornography, how it’s hidden and feared in the contemporary society; the sense of shame we feel when talking about it (impoliteness).
I’ve always been intrigued with this issue and I love the most dramatic stories. I like dying every time my heroes do, in order to remember them, feel detached because I am in this earth safe and sound, and feel more alive in their memories too.
A 5km walk from the university to the center, great lunch, shopping…. What more? For every success we need to celebrate, if you feel lucky don’t put an end to this, just keep on enjoying. Until the work calls you back, but this will happen in a future that is never stable. Ah, and love your work. Or stay unemployed. We live only once (in this corpse). Live the day because living is the best opportunity we get from nature to make this world shine with positive energy and improve it. Day by day, moment by moment. Like a friend told me this weekend about my exam on medias: “ils doivent aller se faire foutre, ils disent que tout va mal lorsque la vie est tellement belle!”.
No constraints, let’s spend and make the politician be grey and boring! Give and you’ll receive back… Kinda of a law.


All those glitters that ain’t gold but they may look like diamonds and worth their value 😉


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New beginning same hopes

Happy new year to my readers and followers!! I celebrated pretty well this new year, I can’t complain for anything. I had dinner at my friends’ hotel and then went out at Jimmy’z… We had a super dinner and I was tipsy the right way at the end. I was so happy to find Rubens – my infamous cat – in the bed; he was strangely sweeter than ever, kissing my hand while I was falling asleep. The sexiest end, I couldn’t have a better company 😉

1st of January to let the company recover and celebrate the Italian way with my parents. In Italy we use to eat “cotechino e lenticchie”; lentils mean money and there’s no way Italians could avoid such a dish in this day. The meat is very fat – it’s made out of a pig’s trotter – and we’re unlikely to eat it normally.

It’s so tasty!!
After that I feel obliged to burn going to dance somewhere, I am pretty glad I went out again even if Monte-Carlo looked like splashed in desolation, with Before and Jimmy’z closed..! So we headed to Buddah Bar, mostly full of Italians… I was with an Italian friend, so let’s cheer to my good living nation hoping this year will take money and business’ ideas (degree in hand) and new experiences in other town and continents.
A woman is never too rich and thin!