Продавайте виллу в красивой Италии – Тоскана!! Ovvero…arrivano i Russi (speriamo!)





Я – и мой отец- чувствовала бы очень рада поговорить о делах с русскими…
I refer to Russians because they invest and I personally know and see how much they like French Riviera (Лазурной Ривьере) and Forte dei Marmi (Форте дей Марми). I am proud I translated the website in that language, but the offer is for everybody – INVESTMENT is the word. As we are similar люди, we would like to propose some affairs in Tuscany and especially in the areas  near to Livorno (Forte dei Marmi included), a nostalgic communist city – I’m talking about its local power –  that would have a high potential though… Can you see its position? In the middle of Italy, with islands easy joinable by yachts, between the seaside and hills; same history than our beloved places in the French département des Alpes-Maritimes… And with a beach club that would have the potential to look like the  Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez:  Calafuria  (check a previous post and on the web ;)).
All that would just need a little dose of capitalism – it doesn’t kill nobody, right? – , sniffing some money and REAL FUN.
Change we can believe in!!!


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