The pink letter


Life is like a candy, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweeter: you have to unwrap and taste it to know. At last summer’s ending, back to my hometown, the concierge gave me amused a pink envelope – that woman loves to take care of my correspondences. At first I thought it was some publicity or glamour invitation, then I opened it and I was literally head over heels: that was how my Lithuanian friend Tomas was thanking me for the hospitality. A message of thanks and most of the photos we took. It was really original and sweet, I really appreciated. This guy is really smart (polite and beautiful, strange huh ;)), he travels all over the world, studied in three different continents, and whenever he wants he changes job for the best: he’s a great 28 years old entrepreneur. So, not only he made me happy, but actually he made me discovery this funny and useful app (Polagram) in which you can easily select the pictures you’re interested in and send them wherever you want… Easily, with small charges, with some simple clicks on your phone or tablet – the app is available on every smart device. There are offers sometimes – I am receiving notifications to even smaller fares right now, as Saint Valentine is approaching – but you shouldn’t wait for them. Take your chance to create the tastier candy ever to friends and loved ones – and for you, sending your own address and love message – when they less expect it!

Use this code to get discount for your first order PG6NUP6Y


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you very much for this nice review ! 😀

    Have a good day,
    Best regards

    Valentine, Polagram Team

    1. Alessandra Cantini says:

      You are welcome! Merci and my best wishes 🙂

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