Master Series Monte-Carlo 2014




Me voilà constricted at the traditional Easter with my parents in this little glamorous town… Where else to go? I always step in the choice of being with them or not, and I still behave like the little child. Basically because there aren’t better parents in the world (mum and dad I know you’re reading); but even because owning a house in French Riviera means being constantly aware of the hottest events all over the year, and what’s the point of running around the world if the world constantly comes to you?
In this Easter week the event is the tennis tournament Master Series. It’s a coincidence, normally it falls before Easter and we had to come especially for this or to miss it. Then school, university, Erasmus where constrictive…
When I was playing tennis I was soo addicted….to players. Just kidding, I really loved playing and I actually did it for 10 years in competion, then I had to stop (health accident, and also a long passionate story with dance). Since then, I put the knowledge of tennis courts in how to move at tournaments. In 2008 nobody could stop me… From running around tennis players and the prince. I had such a crush on Rafael Nadal… I managed to come all week long, improvised to enter even without tickets, found my way under the prince on the tribune, entered the VIP village in Rome too [endless list and other details not to be written]. I was a funny 16 years old girl – and a 17 when I got a role in a film – . Now I grew older (but the wolf doesn’t lose its appetite, you’ll see later). It’s always such a pleasure to be here. The Country Club is unique. It is, as the name indicates, a club : Rome, Roland Garros, Wimbledon etc are set in courts in bigger and colder – in the sense of space and public relations’ possibilities – places. During the year you have different possibilities to attend it: either playing tennis, either enjoying the swimming-pool, massages, restaurants, shopping. It can eventually happen to see Patrick Bruel at the boutique in boxers, as it was the case once I was with mum and this guy I had never heard of was trying suits publicly. The frame is Monte Carlo… Between palaces that remember New York – as Grace Kelly wanted-, the sea, and its typical blue sky that makes you feel in a golden, lucky envelop. I’m sincere when I say I believe in an inner Paradise that makes you see everything beautiful; but I am even probably pushed to say and feel that to adapt my spirit wherever I go after having been living here. Darwin’s law means adaptation for survival, Buddhism increases it spiritually.
Casually I saw some matches today. The one that stroke me most – I am not stricken by the heads of series anymore, blessed by divinity to play as they do – with indignation was the first on the pink paper: our Italian player, Fognini, definitely lost his temper against Tsonga. He was winning..!!!And he got nervous on the 3-4 at the second set. Shame! He was the No13… That makes me think of why there have never been Italians and Russians in first positions: we have a similar, passionate temperaments. The latters had Safin, an exception: with his crazy behaviour in court he made his adversaries nervous and distracted. He was the No 1. Why when I played tennis throwing the racket didn’t help me as it did with him?
I am really happy for having revived the Masters this year, thank you parents. Today I managed: to be noticed toward many and being interviewed; was offered a great coffee with chocolates by nice guys; entered the VIP space and got champagne and chocolate (again), discussing and speaking about and in russian. Like Christ says: “chiedi e ti sarà dato, bussa e ti sarà aperto”. Many things wouldn’t have happened in my life if I wasn’t a coffee, cigarettes, chocolate, champagne, wine and vodka addict (the rest of pleasures wouldn’t be whole without most of them). Such great days and emotions the tennis can give if you bite the whole apple…
This is the beginning of the week for me, and the best might be yet to come
😉 …
Love, your tennis groupie











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