Smart shopping


Ok, I am definitely sick and spoiled – and yes I deserve it and must keep on as the university officially payed me some hundred bucks for PRODUCTIVITY AND MERIT 🙂 🙂 :).
As soon as I decide to take a walk I always end up on the wild side of compulsive shopping. This is not a disease unless the wardrobe finally falls (it happened). This is INDISPENSABLE if you choose to live investing in yourself, keeping to be stylish, and you live day by day renewing – everything constantly changes, Buddhism answers even to that.
Btw, I am very proud to say that I spend very smartly… I only want the best of quality. And the best of quality IS NOT in overrated brands.
You don’t have to go at Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci […] to have the best over-envied bag. Children in the world are dying of starvation, how can you actually spend over a thousand £ for a bag?? I’m not talking of morals, you are free to spend all of your loads of money in luxury – I’d be incoherent as I am often mingled where the craziest expenses are made (see Monte-Carlo) and I will never be a communist hermit. Free to spend and give how much you want because you deserve it for the position you got, speaking of bags you won’t be the unique woman of the world with that object. Simply, your purchase is not original because it’s not unique. What is the point then? Of course you can sell a bag as a vintage object afterwords. But for that price you could have choose a diamond’s creation, always valuable as the first moment you worn it.
An iPhone keeps its original value for one year; after that it will always be expensive and rated, over guaranteed… Compared to other phones it stays the best.
A Hermes foulard is priceless when it becomes unique, as every season the artists that paint them change – I will never have back my first one that daddy bought me to Paris, gone in the wind while on a scooter: la Tour Eiffel s’envole c’est justement envolée…
Accessories are unique. Icons are icons (I’d get Loubotine’s shoes soon).
What are my parameters of value? Quality, design, elegance and last but not least comfort.
This week I made one of the best purchases of my life – seriously!
I never regret my purchases because I never go out shopping with an idea of what I need: I simply enter shops and if I follow in love for something and it’s worth the price, I buy. I am involved in a very deep and psychological relationship with what I WANT and don’t possess, as it looks like things are choosing me as well… And I keep in my memory how I felt in that special moment of my life with that “companion” in contact with my body. This could never be a fashion blog for this reason: I switch from a fashion topic to a psychological/religious/economic one..!!!
But anyway (to cut short and get to the point), by the power of coincidence I stepped in that shop at that moment.
I saw these bags (available in 3 different, strong and fashionable colours) and they stroke me for the shape, the leather and the comfort. I stated that I actually needed a more comfortable, lighter shopper – Balenciagas and Birkins (all of different colours taken from the original artisans but without their names, aaah the power of choice) are heavy! – for the travels I am going to make the following weeks. At first I contained my impulsive instinct, but while I was going back home I was thinking over… The next 2 days I kept on looking around without really finding something at their level.
Their image was coming up in my mind; like when you’re uncertain of your partner and you valuate other ones until you decide that your first impulses and your feelings are stronger than anything else… the final step is passionately holding the man/bag. I had no choice but to get the orange one (I was on a yellow idea, even if I already have yellow bags – I like the colour). My mum, whom advise is sometimes the rightest even in other fields, there made me notice that it was double-face. Orange-black, the best of all (soo Hermes)! All leather, by Patrizia Pepe. Compared to that purchase, the first Gucci bag I asked my parents for the 19th birthday feels presumptuous and a bit silly even if it will always reminds me of that day in Monte-Carlo… Ah, if objects could speak…
You carry on your life in a bag, while over a man you can waste it: choose yours always deeply! And change it sometimes, to get back more in love than before to the former…or to switch to a better one! 😉

Ehm, there are included by case a swimsuit (got 2 in 3 days), sunglasses, Chanel nailpolish… It’s the same photo I posted on Instagram that same day, I would even be too lazy to be a fashion blogger 😉


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