Bloody and good news – Italy vs Germany


Bloody cases committed by insane men are apparently solved. About the one that stabbed all his family I am very amused to see that the Telegraph didn’t lose time to report: sex and football, a typical italian’s stereotype isn’t it? It goes by itself this one matches with the serial women’s killer/beaters… So happy Justice got those 2 yesterday.
And uber happy that Schumacher is out of coma, might he recovers completely! Like Pete Sampras – I felt a natural sympathy for this champion at the youngest ages: his smile, his costume, the Ferrari…. I knew but him and even if I couldn’t care less of sports – I’m a surroundings sport event’s lover if you got it – I was shocked when he had the accident and until when I’ve heard the news I wouldn’t have hoped he could get out of there anymore… His family and fans couldn’t deserve this loss, and the world his presence! That’s why miracles happen and we must believe in them.

In fact, I felt a miracle on my vey skin when I had a NDE (Near Death Experiences) at the age of 15. Might this post be a thank you for my doctors – as I’m glad I’m in touch with them safe and sound now, brain without injuries – and for this beautiful life I’m so glad to live.

It was a very cheerful Monday yesterday, and today I’m in Florence at Pitti – I’ll post my impressions later, maybe.


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