Blondewithbrain chooses her French heaven


I moved to French Riviera for the whole summer season after having stressed my family to let me go alone there… I decided to cut the bonds with Livorno and Florence for a while – the time to get inspired for my thesis while enjoying the pleasure of being in the best place of the world in this period. My motivation in Italy was at its lowest level, my family and friends were distracting me and I couldn’t practice languages nor thinking about what to do in my life. By the present moment I know: research, dolcevita, interesting meetings and why not between them some ideas of a job. I have my cv in my hotmail account just in case someone might be interested in a 22 years old Italian girl who speaks 5 language in this cherished part of the world. But I don’t have any priority right now apart the thesis. Everything that comes by is a gift – travels, new friends, party, tanning and getting blonder, places, freelance job (?), love (???). Thanks to my beloved family that gave me behalf and high standards… And that even filled my fridge leaving me willingly to take care of myself cooking in that lovely frame 😉



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