Post Dysfunctional Scriptum

Will I ever be back?
Of course, for the thesis…
But then?
I got an abnormal disease – common to locals here though; I feel anxious (more than usual) and mad when I get out of those 2km2 place, a part from my beach that is anyway an annex and my house, that means Cap d’Ail, just next to this very beach.
My life is here, so not writing was just an excuse to say “I am too busy having the time of my life”: a 22 years old breaking free butterfly – or as my prof calls me, “a crazy horse in the field” – in the most wanted part of the Universe.
I should share, sometimes I will. You don’t deserve to be abandoned, I am so lucky I should keep on with the law of attraction!
Looking the stats showing that I am viewed all over the outside world makes me proud..!!
I’ve just casually checked wordpress and seen visitors from Georgia, Monaco, France, Italy, Czech Republic…and it was not a crowded day. So keep on sharing my functional thoughts and my fabulous life of a rich girl – and by rich I mean “di spirito”, because only by this comes everything else. Law of attraction calling..!!!




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