Sexy burgers

I’m getting involved and picky with burgers, right now in my top ten of favourite food – peanuts, chocolate and French fries are before this. There’s much fantasy and no time to enjoy it, and this is very sexy in my opinion, to play with. I think that this is the food that makes you understand the passion of the eater with the faster efficacy: how long the meat is cooked (I want it rear and f**k whatever restaurants say it’s not possible because IT IS), the ingredients to put inside, the pickiness and the past experience, eating the bread or not, cutting it or biting it, et caetera. Passe partout in every restaurant and best choice under uncertainty as a good boyfriend, I’m not struck that the most expensive burgers are in the US but actually expanding in our lands. Here’s the rating
So burgers are the new chic, coherent, super tasty and luxurious food – deal with your wild tastes!


Ps the most luscious I had was on the beach last year though (this year it’s not on the menu, why?), the lobster burger – even if I am a carnivore addicted to French fries:



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