Symptoms of drunkness – a formulary


Будь осторожен!
I don’t do drugs (I am ;)) , but let’s not forget the dangers of alcohol. Arrived at a certain level you should be conscious to stop – there’s nothing worst and less sexy than a drunk girl!

1. You lough too much;
2. You love everybody;
3. You call your ex;
4. You speak all languages;
5. You dance any kind of music;
6. You call your ex again;
7. You’d make love to everybody;
7,5. You make love to everybody;
8. I’m a F1 driver;
9. Hospital.

Prontuario dei livelli alcolici:
1. Ridi troppo;
2. Ami tutti;
3. Chiami l’ex;
4. Diventi poliglotta;
5. Balli qualsiasi cosa;
6. Richiami l’ex;
7. Faresti l’amore con chiunque;
7,5. Fai l’amore con chiunque;
7,6. Al volante sono un drago;
8. Ospedale.

Un petit formulaire de symptômes du à l’abus d’alcool:
1. Tu ries trop;
2. Tu aimes tous;
3. Tu appelles ton ex;
4. Tu deviens polyglotte;
5. Tu danses n’importe quoi;
6. Tu appelles ton ex davantage;
7. Tu ferais l’amour avec n’importe qui;
7.5. Tu fais l’amour avec n’importe qui;
8. Au volant je suis un champion de F1;
9. Hôpital.

Симптомы алкоголи:
1. Смеяться очень сильно;
2. Любить все;
3. Звонить эх;
4. Говорить все языки;
5. Танцевать все;
6. Еще звонить эх;
7. Сделали бы любовь с кем-либо;
7.5. Сделать любовь с кем-либо;
8. Чувствовать чемпион на машине;
9. Больница.

Plus, remember the rule of always go higher and never lower when you drink – eg, don’t switch from vodka to beer. Always prefer quality to quantity – your kidney will feel better for the ingredients and preparation, and you’ll look better with Crystal rather than Moët (soon to be, a rating on champagnes, to which I confess I am quite addicted). In case you cannot drink a good champagne, switch to the efficient vodka (there’s should be a rating too) – from the basic Russian standard to Belvedere, Grey Goose and the dreamy Beluga.
The best or nothing is a motto picky people should keep in mind – get drunk smartly!


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