Apples, music and surprises

The Apple family never stop surprising its costumers and the world. When I saw 11 songs of the U2 popping with their clouds for a download on my iPhone I thought it was a promoting strategy and a way of cheating people with the touch IDs… Then my excited mom whom is unable to put music on her iPhone – she doesn’t care of music at all, I don’t know even what’s her use of an iPhone… I guess she just likes the idea, because she barely know what iTunes is -, told me that for the launch of the iPhone 6 the U2 were giving their last CDs to the owners of Apple’s products. The result is that my mum downloaded 11 songs for the first time, and I am listening to a full album of modern commercial artists out of curiosity – I use to listen to vintage french songs (50s,60s,70s), local russian or spanish stuff, and Biagio Antonacci when l’m not dancing and getting dressed like a teenager does ;). Who knows how many people will get curious and download other songs and albums? Is it another step toward a digital imperialism launched from the iTunes market? It is so easy to buy; I noticed that I bought hundred of songs I could have found somewhere else just because it was easier – isn’t that stupid? 1,29€ x nX makes hundreds and hundreds of €…. Knowing that strategy I could swear that U2 lovers will get to buy easily other songs linked…

Apple strikes again, and music will have to conform. Just think of all the DJs using the MacBooks – included I, that I downloaded the program to mix the music at my parties and I’m willing to learn at the best. It is not negative: we have soundtracks every time and life is so much easier and colorful. Artists must find alternative and new ways of getting known to get their lives. The power of infinite actions in your hands: get an Apple and you won’t be bored, ever – wanna talk about the iWatch?

We think we’ve got perfection and then some new ideas come from the very unique brand. Beat the Apple and you’ll leave the Eden and stop being animals – an infinite knowledge is given to humans.




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