September 11’s and media’s bombarding – an analogy of our times?

I invite everyone to discute with me about what I think of all that horror in the Middle East out of a mindless mob’s opinion. I prefer not to express myself in here but all this bombing is scaring me and I lived the scare on close friends. Political communication, media, analogies… Even in my thesis I discuss G.W.Bush’s speech about the “Axis of evil”.

I’m talking of Apple out of an artistic/egoistic/esthetic point of view – the political one is very different: Big Brother might be closer and more appealing than you think.



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  1. James Strait says:

    Interesting website…but…


    I’ve already written the book!

    1. Alessandra Cantini says:

      Well done! I’ll check. Very curious to see Americans in the first line denouncing their country and all the shit behind – I read confessions of an economic hit man, I’m sure you know it and probably John Perkins himself. If you try to link the dots… It’s all getting more and more imaginable…

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