Brittany Maynard decided to win over the cancer and #diewithdignity for her own choice, in her bed, with her family next. She represents the only case of great admiration I feel toward a suicide. As normally I am disgusted by people who throw away their lives because they have no longer the bravery of facing difficulties – and so they live the burden to the dearest ones,and people who got in touch with them are feeling guilty -, when one is seriously hill and there is no possibility whatsoever of winning the hilliness – then taking away your own life before becoming a vegetable and loosing all the capacities even of thinking or feeling, is something good. In fact, what’s the point of living when people around you feel compassion, you become a burden and the normal itinerary of your day is house-hospital waiting to be secluded in the latter one and die there? Hospitals are the most scary and sad places in the world – I’d even give birth out of them in order to avoid all the horrors you can see inside there. If a disease is found, then most doctors are able to make this enormous, and give you medicines that make it worse. I’m not saying that everything is bad and I’d put on fire those institutions, no… I’m the first grateful person to which life was saved due to an emergency… But there’s something different between saving a life in an intervention because otherwise you’re in a coma and choosing to do something that it might be unnecessary (you poor ignorant can’t know all the specialist’s words and motivations, so you’re fucked as when you’re in the hands of a lawyer but with the difference that in the former case you’re a piece of meat to cut and not an individual with his right of defense) and even an experiment of a new technology, or a dot in a surgeon’s career. I can stand up with Brittany because I’d rather die than being in the hands of a disease and of doctors (thanks God it was not my case, and I made the choice of living avoiding medical controls etc). So in my opinion prescribing pills to people who seriously give motivations is a right thing, as it would be for pharmacies to prescribe marijuana.  Hill humans should be given the right to make choices and live happily their last moments, and living and attending hospitals makes it impossible. We should be living in an era where suicides are no longer disgusting (bullets in a head, hangings, cuts…). Toxic poisons are the most charming thing, they leave your body perfect outside. It’s curious how legislations are different in the health’s field, in the video it is well explained.

All my support for Brittany’s choice, may she rest in peace.


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