90’s terrific cults: think twice before getting involved!

Fatal attraction, Sleeping with the enemy, Basic instinct, The war of the Roses.


Suspense, obsession, lust, sex, possession, blood, death, craziness… and a common message: be careful who you sleep with, and/or with whom you’re married with. Suddenly he/she can turn into your worst enemy. Consequences could bring you to death. Those films scared a generation of young people, and still work with me. My heart had difficulties handling Sleeping with the enemy tonight, where finally the crazy one in the couple is the man. Very tidy, very beautiful, very faithful and cheerful…and then suddenly crazy and violent for nothing, always wanting to possess his wife until she’s got no freedom even to see her mom. She pretends she can’t swim and so she escapes and changes her identity. But he seeks for her… I had shivers during the whole movie. Why didn’t I see it before sharing part of my life with some potential enemies? And then there’s Psycho, who also had its remake during the 90’s. There the presence of the MOM dominates the film. Oedipus complex, another thing to be scared with. And while during the 90’s women were anyway still more submitted to men’s, now everything is upside down. With the awful consequences for us to end up killed to make them think that they still are over us, and mom protects them.


Protect and love yourself, be single – keep friends, give birth a day, live in peace.


We women have more powerful weapons than guns anyway….




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