Belated wishes and Christmas thoughts

IMG_9114Здравствуйте, and greetings!

Last Christmas was one of the best in my life, I gave my heart literally and the very next day I was the happiest girl. I am still safe and sound, thanks to the Almighty.

The best gift was understanding how love must be stronger than pride to fulfill one self with the true joy of loving someone else, despite of the conviction of being unbreakable.

Then I had the full family for lunch, finally: my 90 years old aunt decided she was well enough to come – she’s perfectly healthy and with a brilliant mind, drinking martinis everyday, but inexplicably she’s been closing herself at home almost 8 years. She’s my star, she manage to be perfectly blonde with some simple tricks and she has Bette Davis’ eyes, blue with a great layer of mascara. She’s funny and broad minded, I can tell her everything and she cheers to all my crazy decision, trusting in me. I well guessed when I said she must have had an ascendent in pisces, like me.  Smoking for 50 years one packet and then stopping at 80, I really hope I have the same DNA (she’s my passed away grandma’s sister).

Granny (86) and her made a great couple, plus my parents and the cat. I have an uncle (who’s no children), but he never comes… Anyway, it was a very pleasant lunch, which I burnt later with a long walk… Before going back home and being acclaimed by all the usual guests we have.

So I wanted to share my happiness’ pride, I had all I wanted for Christmas and I hope you too!



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