Elogy to cigarettes – against their ostracism 

I write this post for a friend living in London who, against his wife and much of the population, defends his right to smoke and found in me an ally. When I met them she was explaining, with my mum nodding at her affirmations, how not cool has became smoking now; in London is forbidden to smoke in many places and parks – and not to talk about the U.S…generally in the anglosaxons countries cigarettes cost an eye and smokers are fenced in special areas, with even the pleasure of smoking on the grass cut off. Is THIS cool, or isn’t this a form of discrimination?! Let’s out limits on fuel than, electricity and whatever spoil the air we breath… But let’s give people the right to have a minor vice! I can understand the prohibition of smoking into restaurants because even for an inveterate  smoker it is annoying having the weight of multiple others’ ashtrays on its clothes…but even there, there should be a space into restaurants for smokers; or are we beasts, obliged to go outside with any wether’s condition…?! We cannot be asked of stopping, it is a decision to be taken by ourselves. Everything can kill you, so it’s worthy to have the maximum of pleasures in life. No one else can think for you, so be yourself. In the countries where communism was born and then imported in the form of an healthy Americanism (that is everything but healthy in reality) of course it is impossible, when it’s not about business but personality. And the weakers give up, leaving the most perfect prototype of the perfect pleasure – it is short and leaves you unsatisfied,  quoting Wilde’s famous words. 



That was me yesterday reading How to be a Parisian in front of the Royal Academy – ah, I’ve always belonged to France and I’m madly proud to tell you that I moved in my beloved country kidnapped by love by  the most romantic French knight (of course the love of my life was supposed to be French! I say no more because we are worthy of the most beautiful of the fairy tales,and I’m gealous of my feelings). 

This is Gatwick airport. What is the difference that makes space to people with handicaps have a special place, and us smokers not..? I’m not racist and against humanity and rights, but are we sick?! I am – a brave madly and the happiest  and proudest to be in love – not for being a smoker 😉



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