Escaping the 3rd Intifada

The holy land is devastated by beasts. Beasts that fight and kill thinking a paradise of milk, honey and 20 virgins is waiting for them: beasts that rape women as long as they wish (if she revolts she’s hanged by law); beasts that can marry more women and dictate in family; beasts that obliges all the women not to put a feet in their home countries without being veiled; beasts that don’t allow to visit their religious sites and pretend to take out in the other countries their uses. Especially beasts with a powerful fretting instinct, that make the world more and more populated by little beasts that will grow more and more dangerous because for beasts there’s no history nor values – just violence, food, and fucking. 

Isn’t it the description of Sodoma? 

I came back from Israel today hearing the news regarding new stabbings in Tel Aviv and a little bit everywhere there. How can this be allowed to happen, how can a state like Palestine should be recognised if their beasts can’t keep their Middle Age’s weapons in their houses – so that at least they can kill each other (women are the worst beasts, not elevating their situation and men’s, like the history teaches that happened elsewhere thousands and thousands of years ago). How a civilised state between them like Israel, where freedom to practice all religions and jobs is allowed – because in Judaism, Moses going through the Red Sea and waters opening for him are a symbol of freedom is a symbol of freedom, and freedom is the principle.

Ah, but beasts have no freedom nor honour. No dialogue nor culture. Palmyra is the devastation of Sodoma against the preaches of Jerusalem and its people.

Слова Исраели.


The day of vengeance?

A good journalist is supposed to be in the good place at the good moment, so as the media suggest there’s no better spot then Jerusalem to avoid right now. Well, I was there today, guided by a certified Jewish guide – a professor of Israeli history for diplomats, how lovely conversations! – to discover the safe places at their best, avoiding the dangerous paths. Police is everywhere ready to shot if someone attacks; the Mosquees area is inaccessible (but even in “peaceful times” non-Islamic cannot access their places of pray); after the prayer tensions rise and the Western Wall is the focal points of the riots, as it’s between the Jewish and the Muslim quarter. Being attentive there’s no problem in going. Everyone deserve to visit Jerusalem and foolish fanatic people shouldn’t stop the rest of the world in evolving. 


 Fanatic Islamists are the damnation of this world, what they want is just to kill innocent people that don’t think like them to be allowed to paradise. Islamism itself was born out of the crazy visions of a foolish that menaced to conquer Mecca if the population didn’t go after him (this is just the story).  

We cannot risk that a bunch of idiots arm humanity. Je suis Charlie still echoes in our hearts. Vaut mieux cut the problem at its roots….Israel is too much on the defensive!!!!!

Mazal Tov, Israel! ❤️