Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream

A forensic psychiatrist illuminates the darkest side of human behavior.


 Before getting to talk about the book and the reason I’m thinking about crime at 1am on the 16th of August, I’m taking a step back. How this interest in criminology started I don’t know, I would have never said that I could read, watch and see photos of true crimes scenes…. I’m horrified by blood and very impressionable, so I could never be a doctor. But geeze, crime is exciting, the psychology behind is charming. I’m not talking of boring everyday crime, cops’ work… Of course I’m talking about the profiling of criminals, the one you see in films and is hidden potentially in anyone you might step in in a “normal” day. Seeing a lot of criminal and psychological series helped me in choosing criminology as a master’s optional exam last year. I got informations and the book, and again even though my closest were saying I was crazy to do such a big and specific exam (under law and its terminology, very philosophical) I fell in the rabbit’s hole, and got 28/30. The theories are many, though the basis essentially being Lombroso’s positive school and Beccaria’s liberal one. The former pretends that a criminal is a criminal even before birth, so he must be kept in a psychiatric hospital forever (remember somebody flew over the coocko’s nest?); the latter instead is for a rehabilitative punition, proportionate to the gravity of the crime. As no subjects really interested me more and no professors had awakened my curiosity more, o asked the thesis and I was given it in February – I may have changed my mind and destiny now but this is another long story and subject. That’s the reason why I started reading more and more bloody and brutal books. This one is really, really crude. In its Manichaeism it brings you down into the criminal mind of psychopaths, rappers, serial killers with no lack of details. It is honestly quite hard to read sometimes, but it opens up a mind incredibly. Why criminals get to be criminals, what may lie in their past… Which habits may indicate a future in crime… How is a psychopath defined, how he thinks, what he cares – the answer is no definition as he would reject any, there are lack of feelings, narcissism and the starve to get pleasure totally neglecting to think smartly about the surrounding people. Do you think have you ever met one? Of course, we live everyday surrounded by psychopaths, and the best way not to get hurt by their low means is understanding it, outsmarting them, reading them. Lie to Me is an excellent psychological serie I go nut for, as it teaches quite well how emotions show up and so how to detect them and eventually hide them.

And here we go to the reason of why I’m writing right now! I’m still shaking following the vision of The bone collector, an amazing film with Danzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, finally a true chriminological one,where a serial killer drops clues that need to be read to get to the next crime and again up to the ultimate motive. There is a lot of suspense and some scenes are really brutals. I was stuck in bed hugging a pillow and no hunger of Haagen Dazs’ ice cream  anymore! Why why why watching these films before sleeping, I really wanted to hurt myself…after this outburst I guess as I’m not tired as I was wishing of I need a comedy. Some sex&the city could do, at least I can hope I’ll dream of my favorite city, New York.

Let’s think pink and have a good sleep, readers!


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