The strings of World Order. Today’s caveats and hopes

I feel very negative vibes in the air and another world war approaching depending on three major events. Strangely people are allowed to express their opinion in two of them, but I am aware of the fact that the two countries I’m going to talk about are not like the United Kingdom – which country in fact can compare with the only one that never stood to the diktats of any other one in history from the schism with the Vatican in order to obtain a divorce for King Henry VIII, who subsequently beheaded Anne Boleyn for not having a male heir, but which her virgin daughter finally guided Shakesperean England?; which was guided by a personality such as Winston Churchill who challenged Hitler alone in WWII saving all the exiled governments and permitting France to reconstruct thanks to De Gaulle?; and which  finally last June said NO to the European Union not caring for the immediate economic disaster that will rise up, because conscious of the subsequent freedom and of being an everlasting example?

… And here I might start with the critiques to France and Italy, that are of course endless – on feeble and ridiculous France with its representative presidents I shall stretch a veil of diplomatic no comments, on Italy at least I can be proud of our traditions and secret services). The big problem with Italy is politics since Mussolini was shot 38 times and hanged head down by the red partisans. Our constitution was written by these depraved hands, these of the killers of a great statesman. Italy had a position in the world for once after the fall of the Roman empire and if there wasn’t the disgrace of coinciding with the advent in Germany of that foolish man that wanted to conquer the world and eliminate the smartest (Jewish) and the wrong choice of being his ally we wouldn’t be where we are now. So here we are, cutting short, in a historical moment where things might change for the advent of another aspiring dictator that unlike Berlusconi who had all the world against him and was too kind and dear to discreetly kill his prostitutes and adversaries. Renzi wants to change the constitution. He is actually right, the parliament should be cut (we have the most numerous parliament in the world with over 945 deputies). The reform we will be called to vote upon on December 4th is just too nice…. And something is wrong. It strictly conceals the power the left will hold in his own hands if ‘yes’ wins. More than this, it will tie us to the US political interest of dominating the world and will make our troops going at Russia’s borders. Being U.S’s slaves will be the price of Obama’s endorsement to Renzi. It was such a clownish meeting complete with the best exponent of the specie, Benigni, and other italian phenomenons flying on Renzi’s private plane obtained with our money.

At this point I don’t even care what is written in the reform, I will vote NO just because I despise Obama with all myself as much as I love Putin. Russia stands in its way in history and don’t call any other state in its wars. It is only defensive with Bashar Al Assad in Syria, who up until now is the only point of order spared by the U.S yet – ISIS came up to threaten him, Russia is not on the terrorist’s part. “To forgive the terrorists is up to God, to send them to Him is up to me”, Putin dares saying, and he does his best.


Trump could coherently help Putin being understanding of his land power interest different from U.S’s sea power. Let’s build a wall around America, who is interested in having the wars we had and the immigrants’ chaos thanks of them not having this and being everywhere? Who has asked Iraq’s mess and Lybia’s? Clinton, Bush, Sarkozy, Blair. Masonry. Hillary comes up promising answers on aliens – who gives a shit…?! – I’d rather know the truth on 9/11 with Trump and Putin! I’d rather not have this Atlanticist dominion treating the inner freedom of the peoples. If Trump wins, and I am optimist, we could get to Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory – Dugin was Putin’s counselor and he’s the founder of the Eurasian movement in 2008 (I am writing a thesis on him not by case). Whoever calls Trump a crazy person can’t understand the situation of honest distress he’s living. I don’t think it would be fair to call me crazy because I would use the same terms – I might be called so, but in truth I am only honest and worried about the world’s future. I just can’t tolerate that ugly old Clinton puppet in the hands of powers bigger than her, who claims to stand by the side of the most outrageously sexually embarrassing man. Would this be an example of woman? I am sick of pretending to be proud of putting at the head of the world’s most important global power (until now) a black president who acts as a white and a woman who acts as a man.

Vladimir Putin

The third string of world order is Israel. I am disappointed for the UNESCO’s decision to keep off the Jews the Western Wall, claiming it is not a Jewish symbol…!!!! It’s like saying the Vatican belongs to Syria who has the right to bomb it now. It’s just nonsense. The Western Wall was the wall of the Temple in Jerusalem, the very Temple in which Jesus Christ thought compassion to the poorest and the rejection of greed – Jewish, not having those preaches, are stronger than Christians: not having this must, they are welcoming to people who truly deserves compassion and help, not jerks. Again an international organization gave the right of Muslim states to have something that doesn’t belong to them – exactly like our dead in Europe. Despite the U.S voting against the resolution and Russia for, the matter is: how “democratic U.S” with such a big Israeli lobby and such a role of human rights’ paladin didn’t block the power of Middle East states guilty of having the ideology that they themselves have been fighting for years setting chaos in the region? I mean, it was less a big deal to put embargoes on Russia after the acquisition of Crimea, right? And Italy endorsed the embargoes decision for gaining nothing again but a huge economic hole. I am close to Israeli people and my friends who I miss, I hope the resolution will be reversed, some brains suggested it.


I am afraid those strings of crisis could lead to the Thirld World War. We have no more men such as Napoleon, Churchill, Mussolini, De Gaulle; but as Nostradamus said:

“In the year 1999, in the seventh month,
from the sky there comes a great king of terror,
to bring back the great king of the Mongols,
Mars rules triumphantly, before and after”

Instead of the Great King of Terror, on 11 August 1999 there came Putin. (cit. Dugin)


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