Go Donald!!! 

I spent months being attacked because I never doubted Donald Trump would have been the 45th President of America. And today, like and more the day after the BrExit, I am in utter joy for my power of forecasting. We risked a lot, world order was totally at stake. I wouldn’t have tolerated to see that woman occupying the House after that black monkey who presented himself like a novelty against a racist society behaved toward the rest of the world like the worst colonizer. From 1993 Hillary Clinton has occupied the political scene of the US first as First Lady from 1993 to 2001, then senator until 2009 when she was apointed Secretary of State. Does anyone recall what happened those years? The utter catastrophe: 9/11, the Subprime crisis, the Arab spring, the bombying of Libya and cherry on the top the creation of Isis and upheavals against the last dictator who keeps order, Bashar Al-Assad. I cut short a lot of s**it in the middle. It is the Clinton family who had power, she was acting on behalf of her husband who cheated her so disgustingly publicly when she held conferences for the banks gaining millions $ and spending most of them in a political campaign in which she professed to be closed to the immigrants, Palestinians and poors. Like all the left wing right thinkers she is incoherent and snobbish. She’d fitted well next to the best example of this disgraceful race, Carla Bruni – but at least she is an Italian beautiful example of the genre, despite how I personally dislike her.

She lost because she wouldn’t have been the first woman to the White House, her husband would have. Never challenge the roles of nature Billie.

Now we are back to order with a good Republican, a tycoon that speaks as he eats to the hearts of the people.  A new wave of conservatorism where the US will mind their business not tickling Russia with all NATO on its side and drag Europe into the Middle East’s chaos so to split the dead. I can’t wait to see how the next encounter of our Renzi with Trump will be! And France’s clown Hollande! French keep on being slapped 🙈😂

Last night was a radical shift in history and I couldn’t sleep until I saw Florida was gained. Welcome President! 


Cheers world 🍸