Go Donald!!! 

I spent months being attacked because I never doubted Donald Trump would have been the 45th President of America. And today, like and more the day after the BrExit, I am in utter joy for my power of forecasting. We risked a lot, world order was totally at stake. I wouldn’t have tolerated to see that woman occupying the House after that black monkey who presented himself like a novelty against a racist society behaved toward the rest of the world like the worst colonizer. From 1993 Hillary Clinton has occupied the political scene of the US first as First Lady from 1993 to 2001, then senator until 2009 when she was apointed Secretary of State. Does anyone recall what happened those years? The utter catastrophe: 9/11, the Subprime crisis, the Arab spring, the bombying of Libya and cherry on the top the creation of Isis and upheavals against the last dictator who keeps order, Bashar Al-Assad. I cut short a lot of s**it in the middle. It is the Clinton family who had power, she was acting on behalf of her husband who cheated her so disgustingly publicly when she held conferences for the banks gaining millions $ and spending most of them in a political campaign in which she professed to be closed to the immigrants, Palestinians and poors. Like all the left wing right thinkers she is incoherent and snobbish. She’d fitted well next to the best example of this disgraceful race, Carla Bruni – but at least she is an Italian beautiful example of the genre, despite how I personally dislike her.

She lost because she wouldn’t have been the first woman to the White House, her husband would have. Never challenge the roles of nature Billie.

Now we are back to order with a good Republican, a tycoon that speaks as he eats to the hearts of the people.  A new wave of conservatorism where the US will mind their business not tickling Russia with all NATO on its side and drag Europe into the Middle East’s chaos so to split the dead. I can’t wait to see how the next encounter of our Renzi with Trump will be! And France’s clown Hollande! French keep on being slapped 🙈😂

Last night was a radical shift in history and I couldn’t sleep until I saw Florida was gained. Welcome President! 


Cheers world 🍸


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  1. saintsboro says:

    Black Monkey? Lemme guess… you weren’t trying to be racist at all? You just disagreed with Obama’s policies? That why he’s a ‘Black Monkey’. You’re a clown. Read a book before trying to promote ideas on a public forum. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the consequence of that is having to deal with people who actually know what they’re talking about. Go on… tell me how I’m race baiting ’cause I’m calling out your racist rhetoric (since that is going to be your natural response). Blonde With Brains? Give me a break.

    1. Alessandra Cantini says:

      Saintsboro keep on trying to be a novelist because you’re honestly not worth a discussion. I’ve been writing on politics for at least 5 years with a good right as I am a doctor in political sciences and if you go on a few posts before this one you would also see that I passed human rights brilliantly. So calling Obama a black monkey is totally my right of expression. It may not be nice for you personally but it’s a simple way of identifying him and I do not care to be called racist. I have nothing against blacks and I liked Obama when he was elected on 2008; what makes me totally dislike him are all his policies especially the foreign ones as he disrupted the Middle East calling for “human rights”! So he behaved like the white colonisers that eliminated the native Americans… except that here it is my business as an European to call him a criminal. I am pro Russia because it’s fighting a good enemy, unlike that war lover Clinton who would just have kept on. I am against abortion after 20 weeks. I am pro life and peace but I’d call you worst than a clown for giving your stupid and offensive opinion. There are people that actually follow and like my blog, and the majority of the US population voted for a president that used a much harder rhetoric than mine (just because I wouldn’t dare) so if you don’t see the reasons the problem might be in you. Monkeys are actually very smart animals and my Chinese zodiacal sign so I am surprised when I am deluded by some of them – that gives me the right to defend the true exemplares.

      1. saintsboro says:

        America’s best right here ladies and gentlemen (oh the irony) *round of applause* I don’t care how much money you shoved out to an institution, no credentials qualify you to be a racist. And this isn’t a discussion, this is a teaching moment. With a doctorate in political science you should be able to tell the difference. And yes, you are completely free to express how ever you feel about people which ever way you see fit. The consequence is (since everything in life has a consequence, another life lesson for you) you have to be corrected by people like me. It isn’t your fault you’re ignorant, it’s person who told you that you were blonde with brain’s fault. No hard feelings though, as you were.

      2. Alessandra Cantini says:

        Are you so without a brain not to see the irony of my blog in fact – do you really think I called it like this because QI tests told me that mine is 140? Go and read because you have a problem in writing as well btw: insults, no coherence in what you say, no arguments. Oh I am so happy Trump will let you all go back where you’re from – I think your loss of brain derives from it in fact, risking to lose your own place in the right of natives must be annoying. But please let me free to write whatever I want, I am miles away from you.

      3. saintsboro says:

        Another teaching moment? You should’ve paid me all that money for your ‘doctorate’. It’s called sarcasm. I already get the feeling that it would take too long to explain to you. As I said before, this isn’t a discussion or an argument. There needs to be two valid points to have an argument. You’re just trying to justify why you can get away with racist rhetoric on your blog. Is this the first time
        Someone has corrected you on something? You’re really not taking this well.

        And secondly. You don’t even know my political views and you damn sure don’t know my qualifications or credentials. That’s because this conversation isn’t about politics. How
        can you demonize what America did to Native Americans when in the previous post before you tried to dehumanized a man you’ve never met before because you disagree with his foreign policy? If he was a white man (which… funny enough he actually is) would you have called him a white monkey? You’re a bit out of your league here. There is an expectation with the educated. When you step into the intellectual arena, you come prepared with ideas and explanations. In your rebuke should come a lesson, where at the very least the person should be able to see your point of view. That clearly is not happening here.

      4. Alessandra Cantini says:

        You are taking it a bit too seriously and you are not giving a point. The only thing that matters is me calling Obama “black monkey”. So ok I can’t find justifications apart that I’d rather see him and other politicians dead because of several reasons too complicated for you to understand but that I explained in at least 3 different languages in other forums. I am sorry if you are touchy regarding Obama, I am not for my language. If he was white I would have found other offences which in fact I reserved to a series of Italian and French politicians. I am not the only one that calls Obama a black monkey, I am not the only one to despise him. I call Hillary bad as well. This is my right as much of you calling me stupid; the difference is that you call me ignorant just because you allege I am racist (this has nothing to do with intelligence); while I despise them for serious reasons, for the world’s (avoided by now) catastrophe and being killers. Keep on hitting your head on a wall I am fed up of losing my time answering to nothing.
        Have a nice day.

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