Born under the sign of Pisces

Starting from February 19th start also the celebrations for the most sparkling sign of the zodiac. Pisces are sparkling because even when they are down, they manage to be a true hoot in parties… that’s their way to (try to) forget, even if they end up hurting themselves and then go on, until they get into kinder currents. People born under this sign in fact are very sensitive and always complain about how who they considered friend betrayed their trust. Proper victims, they find excuses to escape from this mean world; to the price of going under the wrong influences. Most of the people I know they had a dependence on drugs or alcol are, not surprisingly, Pisces. And if it is not drugs, then the dependance falls on another human being… or many. So many obsessed womanizer or devoted plaintive spouses. Beware, because a dependance will always materialize. And the other personality of this double sign will try meanwhile to escape from this, to the result that the two personalities enter into conflict. So, what’s good with this tricky cheeky sign? Imagination. This is the sign of paradise on earth, the land where everything is possible. Pisces get to their goal faster and with less hardships than anybody else. Imagination works so well that the mind works naturally to the point where they get where they want to be – usually in the higher posts, or in the best life they imagined throughout all childhood, a nostalgic time. And they are magnificent with kids and family. Pisces are sexy, they manage to get who they want to build the best family and they get the best (indeed, if they don’t end up in the wrong current). The life of a Pisces is very intense. Once they end up in the good sea though, they end up being very comfy, luxurious and chilly – unless they don’t find anymore what they make them fall in love in first place…

In work, once in the position of power nevertheless our little Pisces might end up to fight with mean sharks bigger than them, and there all their efforts will be a gain for the world and a loss for them. Think about Gorbachev, helpless in preventing the USSR disruption, and prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin, who was that close to the peace between Israel and Palestinian that in 1995 he ended up being shot by an extremist Jew. Or Galeazzo Ciano, one of the heads of Fascism as Mussolini’s son in law, who was ultimately killed by his father in law for alleged treason… and to whose family we owe Livorno having terrace Mascagni, a beautiful hospital and nice liberty villas on the sea. Ciano, together with being from Livorno, was born on March 18, like me. My father, born on February 26, shares his birthday with Victor Hugo and Erdogan. 

Yes, we are very different. Double but yet irrational. The other planets have major influences too – have you ever checked your ascendent and astral theme? You can do it online -, in fact I couldn’t have more different friends from those born the same day of me or just before.  Also, I gain strength in being almost an Aries – 3 days ahead put me in its orbit, and I was due on April 8 if I wasn’t hurrying to born and wanted to be Pisces since before seeing my first day! 

Happy birthday brothers and sisters (because we recognize each other and have special bonds)! Whoever will be around, I am planning a Gatsby or Casino Royal fantastic birthday party for my quarter of century (so I can forget turning 25). 😉


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