First you shoot him and then you save him?

I honestly can’t get why we keep on seeing and reading that the terrorist who attempted to brutally murder as much as possible innocent civilians has been attempted to save after being shot and taken to hospital for care. They should take their heads off and show them hanged in the street where the attack happened in order to discourage other similar actions! When in 2014 ISIS was beheading innocent journalists with a kitchen knife all was public on YouTube. And the EU and even U.K. which is now processing its way out of it saves them – or tries to??? I could understand the stupid French would do it in Louvre, but I expected a different behavior from England. And even worse – the press tells us how the terrorist was saved and even posts his photo with the urgency care!? I cannot believe it. What do they expect to be told? They can’t wait to be tortured eventually and killed, they think they have 20 virgins waiting for them in heaven… They’d rather be killed on spot and showed to the world. All this looks like a fucking complot. Our governments must be related. There is nothing such as human fucking bloody rights when people such as from my white Catholic family and Jew peaceful friend,s which would never wage an holy war, are risking their life for a bunch of “religious” psychopaths. I am waiting for a proper second amendment in my zones otherwise I or someone for me will fucking go down Westminster, Elyseum or Montecitorio and kill the true responsibles. Government must drop a fucking bomb there. God didn’t spare Sodom and Gomorrah because 10 to 50 innocents lived there. The places where something such as Al Qaeda and ISIS could grow are SCUM and must be screwed over.

Terrorismo, a Londra attacco davanti al Parlamento. Uomo investe folla sul ponte di Westminster. Spari e morti. Ucciso assalitore


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