The Hyaluronic Graal

Finding means to penetrate that barrier has challenged the medical field for years until para-medical cosmetics pioneer Hava Zingboim has produced the first-ever formula that breaks the barrier.


Ashes of the Moores’ crimes

Ian Brady died yesterday in Ashworth top security hospital, taken in the arms of eternal rest by cancer. The news is all over the U.K., but there’s little to celebrate. Ian Brady was a proper serial killer, who sexually assaulted and tortured five children together with his partner in crime and lover Myra Hindley (she…


Dear readers, Blondewithbrain got her Master degree in international relations yesterday. The discussion was very specific and it can be rightfully called the last battle. Finishing was really touching, and I was surrounded by the closest person in this important occasion. After the classical beheading of a bottle of champagne (a Tsarine was more than appropriate)…