Charlie Gard’s Abuse

So little Charlie Gard is dead.
This may sound rough in a world where advocates of human rights and enlightened doctors rule as the guardians of Good but the real question in the matter of keeping a doomed human being in the world is not wether it is right or not, but rather: is he feeling anything?
Is he truly alive?
It must be terribly devastating for a mother to breed her child in her womb and then finding out there is no way for him to live a normal life.
Abortion is made possible since one discovers an hanging handicap, but if the mother decides to have him despite all, then let’s say it sound and clear: a cost on the State and on other citizens is imposed.
We have to smile and be good, classmates have to be comprehensive, we should demonstrate how much we care for those unfortunate people.
Rather we should start acting to counter the parents who decide to bring those beings into the world, and call them rightly so SELFISH. Their child won’t ever have the possibility to be normal, physical handicaps will contaminate their mind since birth and so they will never be a positive attribute to a worthy society. Spartans did well to throw them from rocks!! They are UNCONSCIOUS human being, which is equal to vegetables!
We have serious problems like terrorism, overpopulation, lack of resources and selfish self-centred IDIOTS bring about petty useless causes that are bound to touch other people (which have to pretend to sympathise anyway).
There are far bigger tragedies than an unconscious being linked to machines to live who nature would have killed if it was allowed to make its course.
People die every day, conscious people, true advocates and militaries who truly live for Ideas (and I am not talking about shitty isis who should just be bombed).
There are people injured permanently, paralysed. Those people used to live like Mother Nature allowed them, and God deprived them of something. They might want to kill themselves at first, but then they will fight back and be thankful to be still alive – like Captain Dan in Forrest Gump. That film well deserved all its Oscars as apart from depicting the phases of America after WWII through all the presidents’ imprint, it shows how life is beautiful seen from the eyes of someone who makes it despite being autistic-because autism is not such a deficit, it’s simply another way of interacting (many brilliant people who “made it” really are autistics in fact, allegedly Einstein and Bill Gates between all).
The matter is FEELING.
If you don’t you feel, than you shall die.
That is worth also for “normal” full equipped people, as sociopaths are damaging societies and are the ones who kill – then they shall die to if the State rightly so allowed families to vindicate their dead.
Society would be much richer and happier if only its bad grass was cut!
Actually the history of Charlie Gard is truly devastating because he was actually born sane and they discovered the illness later. Nevertheless, too much of a big fuss was made, the baby couldn’t live without being attached to a machine and I think the judges of the Supreme Court came up with the best decision in the interest of him. Hopefully he couldn’t understand what was going on. Thus “taking his life” now was on his best interest, he left us unconscious in his sleep. We must seriously hope his parents will have another baby, this time truly healthy, and get on with their lives. They are still young and they shouldn’t victimise themselves. They did their job, then it was not theirs anymore. Anyway, it is Nature’s from the start.
WHO needs agathusia – from the Greek noble (aga) + sacrifice (thusia). Enough with trying to cure, the right to life has its counter in giving people their due curse. The World Health Organisation and its affiliate should stop finding remedies to the impossible: in the Bible Methuselah reached 969 years, but these years have long gone, the population has way too much increased and if we don’t stop with all the bullshits on saving the impossible we’ll find the impossible happening to us – Inferno, as Dan Brown would call it in one of his deep masterpieces. In this scenario robbery will become a way to gain a salary, rape will be the only way to maintain the specie for the same criminals, lying will be a rightful defence and all will be happening by self-interest, lust and greed. Probably we are already in Inferno. Bastards are overpowering our Lord’s design.


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