This blog was born in a dark night in October 2013, when tipsy from some amusements in Monaco Alessandra Cantini decided to start writing something to mock the world and the pretentious blondes in the world. She was told that summer by a charming American producer in Jimmy’z that she would always get what she wanted for her intelligence; otherwise she would be very good to pretend being smart.


Alessandra is from Livorno but as much as she might like it and Tuscany, which she believes sincerely it is one of the most beautiful regions of the world, she escapes as soon as she can. She was brought to Monte Carlo for the first time in 1993, one year after she was brought to this world, and since then her underdeveloped brain started developing into a radar of opportunities. Opportunities to learn languages, opportunities to meet people from everywhere, opportunities to move everywhere. The realm of possibilities is infinite and thus she took as much as she could: she fought to get a role in an Oscar nominated film in 2010, she learnt Russian (after she was tired of knowing only Italian, English, French and Spanish), she graduated twice in Political Sciences at the university of Florence (a bachelor degree in communication, media and journalism finishing with a thesis on political communication, and a master degree in international relations which ended with a thesis about geopolitics). International language (as Richard Gere quoted in “American Gigolo,” is practised at its best with her current influential fiancée, an english man. 





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  1. Marco says:

    Ciao! Non ho capito dove ti posso trovare…

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