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Dear readers, 

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Dear readers,

Blondewithbrain got her Master degree in international relations yesterday. The discussion was very specific and it can be rightfully called the last battle. Finishing was really touching, it completely drained me. Indeed I am very happy because this is the end of an important path, the same that many important people have done–in my case diplomats, Presidents of the Republic, writers, politicians. I am very happy because I have finished in the due time, with no delays and no more taxes. Yet it feels so strange knowing that this is the end of exams, dramas in the buildings and lunches at the canteen with my father (who strangely loves to eat especially there) in days where we would both have something to do in Florence later, or he needed to do something at the Court. Even if I refuse to think this is an end and I will keep on being around the uni to publish books and maybe teach one day–when I will be such an innovative mind that I will be called ad honorem–indeed the sensation is something odd, especially considering that after this my main worry will be organising the perfect wedding with my now fiancée! I have really grown up exponentially this month… The only thing that keeps me younger is organising an astronomical Russian party and not worry to much about work.   Alas SCHUTKA!!! (Which is Russian for “joke”). Actually I am announcing today the imminent opening of my website, a blond think tank of relaxed and fun counter information. There will be several sections, so you’ll be able to read whatever interest you must, but keeping in mind that I am not The Huffington Post as I am not a journalist yet… I will be The OFFington! So hopefully from next week you will be able to read what I specifically avoided to write the past weeks–of course because I was focusing on the degree, but also because the issues are so tasty that I want to make sure they are the first to appear: Alexander Dugin (the subject of my thesis and of ideologue of much of the international debate concerning Russia today) in his many aspects, Trump and his crazy moves, Macron and his patron. Did you really think I would be silent on the French elections? I will be fostered to open the site asap. And I hope that you will remain with me and let me hear your voice, so I will have a subscribe section and in case I agree with the tone of your messages, they will be published on your behalf with your name next to mine. I will find a way for which someone can collaborate too. As soon as it is ready, keep connected to Blondewithbrain as under shiny hair I will make sure you’ll have the shiny news of ambitious me!

Love your work and you will never work in your life. (Steve Jobs)

I’d rather be unemployed under the sun rather than working. Instead, I cross fingers I’ll have enough inspiration to live on my writings.

Goodbye blog, time to grow up for you too!



Born under the sign of Pisces

Starting from February 19th start also the celebrations for the most sparkling sign of the zodiac. Pisces are sparkling because even when they are down, they manage to be a true hoot in parties… that’s their way to (try to) forget, even if they end up hurting themselves and then go on, until they get into kinder currents. People born under this sign in fact are very sensitive and always complain about how who they considered friend betrayed their trust. Proper victims, they find excuses to escape from this mean world; to the price of going under the wrong influences. Most of the people I know they had a dependence on drugs or alcol are, not surprisingly, Pisces. And if it is not drugs, then the dependance falls on another human being… or many. So many obsessed womanizer or devoted plaintive spouses. Beware, because a dependance will always materialize. And the other personality of this double sign will try meanwhile to escape from this, to the result that the two personalities enter into conflict. So, what’s good with this tricky cheeky sign? Imagination. This is the sign of paradise on earth, the land where everything is possible. Pisces get to their goal faster and with less hardships than anybody else. Imagination works so well that the mind works naturally to the point where they get where they want to be – usually in the higher posts, or in the best life they imagined throughout all childhood, a nostalgic time. And they are magnificent with kids and family. Pisces are sexy, they manage to get who they want to build the best family and they get the best (indeed, if they don’t end up in the wrong current). The life of a Pisces is very intense. Once they end up in the good sea though, they end up being very comfy, luxurious and chilly – unless they don’t find anymore what they make them fall in love in first place…

In work, once in the position of power nevertheless our little Pisces might end up to fight with mean sharks bigger than them, and there all their efforts will be a gain for the world and a loss for them. Think about Gorbachev, helpless in preventing the USSR disruption, and prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin, who was that close to the peace between Israel and Palestinian that in 1995 he ended up being shot by an extremist Jew. Or Galeazzo Ciano, one of the heads of Fascism as Mussolini’s son in law, who was ultimately killed by his father in law for alleged treason… and to whose family we owe Livorno having terrace Mascagni, a beautiful hospital and nice liberty villas on the sea. Ciano, together with being from Livorno, was born on March 18, like me. My father, born on February 26, shares his birthday with Victor Hugo and Erdogan. 

Yes, we are very different. Double but yet irrational. The other planets have major influences too – have you ever checked your ascendent and astral theme? You can do it online -, in fact I couldn’t have more different friends from those born the same day of me or just before.  Also, I gain strength in being almost an Aries – 3 days ahead put me in its orbit, and I was due on April 8 if I wasn’t hurrying to born and wanted to be Pisces since before seeing my first day! 

Happy birthday brothers and sisters (because we recognize each other and have special bonds)! Whoever will be around, I am planning a Gatsby or Casino Royal fantastic birthday party for my quarter of century (so I can forget turning 25). 😉

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Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream

A forensic psychiatrist illuminates the darkest side of human behavior. 


 Before getting to talk about the book and the reason I’m thinking about crime at 1am on the 16th of August, I’m taking a step back. How this interest in criminology started I don’t know, I would have never said that I could read, watch and see photos of true crimes scenes…. I’m horrified by blood and very impressionable, so I could never be a doctor. But geeze, crime is exciting, the psychology behind is charming. I’m not talking of boring everyday crime, cops’ work… Of course I’m talking about the profiling of criminals, the one you see in films and is hidden potentially in anyone you might step in in a “normal” day. Seeing a lot of criminal and psychological series helped me in choosing criminology as a master’s optional exam last year. I got informations and the book, and again even though my closest were saying I was crazy to do such a big and specific exam (under law and its terminology, very philosophical) I fell in the rabbit’s hole, and got 28/30. The theories are many, though the basis essentially being Lombroso’s positive school and Beccaria’s liberal one. The former pretends that a criminal is a criminal even before birth, so he must be kept in a psychiatric hospital forever (remember somebody flew over the coocko’s nest?); the latter instead is for a rehabilitative punition, proportionate to the gravity of the crime. As no subjects really interested me more and no professors had awakened my curiosity more, o asked the thesis and I was given it in February – I may have changed my mind and destiny now but this is another long story and subject. That’s the reason why I started reading more and more bloody and brutal books. This one is really, really crude. In its Manichaeism it brings you down into the criminal mind of psychopaths, rappers, serial killers with no lack of details. It is honestly quite hard to read sometimes, but it opens up a mind incredibly. Why criminals get to be criminals, what may lie in their past… Which habits may indicate a future in crime… How is a psychopath defined, how he thinks, what he cares – the answer is no definition as he would reject any, there are lack of feelings, narcissism and the starve to get pleasure totally neglecting to think smartly about the surrounding people. Do you think have you ever met one? Of course, we live everyday surrounded by psychopaths, and the best way not to get hurt by their low means is understanding it, outsmarting them, reading them. Lie to Me is an excellent psychological serie I go nut for, as it teaches quite well how emotions show up and so how to detect them and eventually hide them. 

And here we go to the reason of why I’m writing right now! I’m still shaking following the vision of The bone collector, an amazing film with Danzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, finally a true chriminological one,where a serial killer drops clues that need to be read to get to the next crime and again up to the ultimate motive. There is a lot of suspense and some scenes are really brutals. I was stuck in bed hugging a pillow and no hunger of Haagen Dazs’ ice cream  anymore! Why why why watching these films before sleeping, I really wanted to hurt myself…after this outburst I guess as I’m not tired as I was wishing of I need a comedy. Some sex&the city could do, at least I can hope I’ll dream of my favorite city, New York.

Let’s think pink and have a good sleep, readers!


Bloody and good news – Italy vs Germany


Bloody cases committed by insane men are apparently solved. About the one that stabbed all his family I am very amused to see that the Telegraph didn’t lose time to report: sex and football, a typical italian’s stereotype isn’t it? It goes by itself this one matches with the serial women’s killer/beaters… So happy Justice got those 2 yesterday.
And uber happy that Schumacher is out of coma, might he recovers completely! Like Pete Sampras – I felt a natural sympathy for this champion at the youngest ages: his smile, his costume, the Ferrari…. I knew but him and even if I couldn’t care less of sports – I’m a surroundings sport event’s lover if you got it – I was shocked when he had the accident and until when I’ve heard the news I wouldn’t have hoped he could get out of there anymore… His family and fans couldn’t deserve this loss, and the world his presence! That’s why miracles happen and we must believe in them.

In fact, I felt a miracle on my vey skin when I had a NDE (Near Death Experiences) at the age of 15. Might this post be a thank you for my doctors – as I’m glad I’m in touch with them safe and sound now, brain without injuries – and for this beautiful life I’m so glad to live.

It was a very cheerful Monday yesterday, and today I’m in Florence at Pitti – I’ll post my impressions later, maybe.

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A line of actuality

Talking about the present moment and the fact of living so intensively to forget, I wondered that sometimes I disappear from this blog and when I am active I speak of simple things letting the world spin as always. I hate to do things because I must, but I feel sorry for those who sometimes read my lines. For instance, it would have been nice to look deeper on the present facts, like the Olimpic games in Sochi – the presentation was awesome -, the Kiev facts, the Italian new prime minister Renzi – something most of Italians hoped to see, un- democratically set to power but still the person to be one year ago at the place of Letta, unwanted and unknown for most (I’d like to open a parenthesis on that ugly wrinkled economist of my socks Monti that set our economy down and still is a senator for life…). Ah, and the Italian festival Sanremo (of which I don’t care, as I like old foreign songs, you’ll see).
The fact is, I search facts that other writes (in three words: I am lazy) and I am so likely to express my opinion in every occasion that here I am fed up. This is still not an active blog like the one of Beppe Grillo, chapeau for him and how he got known and went at the parliament. I am writing a thesis on political communication, exploring the revolutionary languages in movies. My daily bread is politics and languages. I miserably failed the exam of finance, and I must re-do it in the last sesh for neo-graduates, I am quite stressed and still I have a new hobby: download Russian songs, listen to them until boredom and sleep, learn the new words and then sing out loud in the street of my European City in Russian. The idea came to me at Buddah bar last week, as with SoundHound I got new titles. Then, I had for long wanted to sing perfectly the hymn of Moscow that doesn’t believe in tears – that bears my name by case – Александра. After all the old playlist of French songs, if I was at Saint Plon in this period I would switch to Russian 🙂
Voilà my hymn and a video that takes us all to Monaco disco mix style:

Не сразу всё устроилось, Москва не сразу строилась
Москва слезам не верила, а верила любви
Снегами запорошена, листвою заворожена
Найдёт тепло прохожему, а деревцу земли

–RF– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо

Москву рябины красили, дубы стояли князями
Но не они, а ясени без спросу наросли
Москва не зря надеется, что вся в листву оденется
Москва найдёт для деревца хоть краешек земли

–RF1– Александра, Александра, что там вьётся перед нами
Это ясень семенами крутит вальс над мостовой
Ясень с видом деревенским приобщился к вальсам венским
Он пробьётся, Александра, он надышится Москвой

Москва тревог не прятала, Москва видала всякое
Но беды все и горести склонялись перед ней
Любовь Москвы не быстрая, но верная и чистая
Поскольку материнская любовь других сильней

–RF2– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
|Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо


In all the ordinary chaos, I must not forget Russian: this is the future language, not chinese!! And it is so deep and full of musicality… I am impressed that all Russian songs talk about love.
Soon I’ll post a video of myself as a singer, promised!
And some silly but maybe less than they may seem not common things that are not actuality but blonde food – or salad? -. Have a good Saturday night fever – talking about singers of the 80s, happy birthday to the Rolling Stones -!


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Продавайте виллу в красивой Италии – Тоскана!! Ovvero…arrivano i Russi (speriamo!)




Я – и мой отец- чувствовала бы очень рада поговорить о делах с русскими…
I refer to Russians because they invest and I personally know and see how much they like French Riviera (Лазурной Ривьере) and Forte dei Marmi (Форте дей Марми). I am proud I translated the website in that language, but the offer is for everybody – INVESTMENT is the word. As we are similar люди, we would like to propose some affairs in Tuscany and especially in the areas  near to Livorno (Forte dei Marmi included), a nostalgic communist city – I’m talking about its local power –  that would have a high potential though… Can you see its position? In the middle of Italy, with islands easy joinable by yachts, between the seaside and hills; same history than our beloved places in the French département des Alpes-Maritimes… And with a beach club that would have the potential to look like the  Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez:  Calafuria  (check a previous post and on the web ;)).
All that would just need a little dose of capitalism – it doesn’t kill nobody, right? – , sniffing some money and REAL FUN.
Change we can believe in!!!