Apples, music and surprises

The Apple family never stop surprising its costumers and the world. When I saw 11 songs of the U2 popping with their clouds for a download on my iPhone I thought it was a promoting strategy and a way of cheating people with the touch IDs… Then my excited mom whom is unable to put music on her iPhone – she doesn’t care of music at all, I don’t know even what’s her use of an iPhone… I guess she just likes the idea, because she barely know what iTunes is -, told me that for the launch of the iPhone 6 the U2 were giving their last CDs to the owners of Apple’s products. The result is that my mum downloaded 11 songs for the first time, and I am listening to a full album of modern commercial artists out of curiosity – I use to listen to vintage french songs (50s,60s,70s), local russian or spanish stuff, and Biagio Antonacci when l’m not dancing and getting dressed like a teenager does ;). Who knows how many people will get curious and download other songs and albums? Is it another step toward a digital imperialism launched from the iTunes market? It is so easy to buy; I noticed that I bought hundred of songs I could have found somewhere else just because it was easier – isn’t that stupid? 1,29€ x nX makes hundreds and hundreds of €…. Knowing that strategy I could swear that U2 lovers will get to buy easily other songs linked…

Apple strikes again, and music will have to conform. Just think of all the DJs using the MacBooks – included I, that I downloaded the program to mix the music at my parties and I’m willing to learn at the best. It is not negative: we have soundtracks every time and life is so much easier and colorful. Artists must find alternative and new ways of getting known to get their lives. The power of infinite actions in your hands: get an Apple and you won’t be bored, ever – wanna talk about the iWatch?

We think we’ve got perfection and then some new ideas come from the very unique brand. Beat the Apple and you’ll leave the Eden and stop being animals – an infinite knowledge is given to humans.




The spoiled picky geek


I did it! After an incredibly intense exhausting summer – for my standards, that is relaxing and regenerating -, I came back to my native country with a clear and determined mind. I’m always happy in September, the seasons in which true sensed warmth are starting from now! It’s time to make a treasure from the summer’s experiences and networks, it’s time to handle up our lives on a business level and maybe on a sentimental one – talking for my readers, it can be understood. I’m on the creative motivated side: thesis soon, readings, the bureaucratic stuff to enter a new path of study. I won’t leave political sciences and all that comes from this: communications, international politics and relationships, languages, economy, finance, history etc. я не хочу жениться, я хочу учиться! And since when the university itself rewards me with scholarships (I got 2 of them for productivity and well doing), my very cultivated family – all lawyers and professors…- spoils me and supports me to make me study – l’m the unique child and nephew -, I have special discounts and last but not least studying is not even an effort for me as I live to learn and continuously have challenges… who needs anything else? So since when I’ve came back I kept on moving and I had little time even to sleep – as always, I keep myself busy in other not to waste time. September 1st I bought myself a gift and Apple awarded me with the Education discount: I invested on a McBook Air. Stop getting mad with other products, Apple is esthetically and efficiently the best. No one EVER bought a Mac with so much decision and speed. I was watching the clock while they were installing programs as I was late somewhere else and so I thanked and assured I would have finished everything at home. I was biking (my parents managed to break the Smart car while I was away) with the precious packet and at home I found astonishment. Why waiting a gift for the degree when I live on the edge of excitement and celebration to be home after 2 moths and a half? Live the beauty of the present, because tomorrow is a mystery… and I’ll have other rewards anyway! So installations were made yesterday night, after having hugged my beloved friends in Kavarna – it’s not that important where you go and who you are with, if the owners and the mood are familiar you’ll always feel at home and lucky. I slept maybe 4 hours and today I was in Florence sooooo happy to see my professor, the guardians, the president of the faculty etc! My mum went at the Apple store to have her iPhone repaired for free in 30 minutes meanwhile – again, Apple is the best technology to invest in even for the guarrantee it gives…. In accordance to the theories “The best or nothing” and “Live and think in abundance”, daddy was waiting at home to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and then I strolled out to see my best girlfriends immediately after! Sleepless for the innate sickness of vampirism, this is the first post with my new jewel.

New Year has begun! Did you know that in Russia until 1700 it started in September? Russians have different New Years… In fact it’s relative and there’s no reason to celebrate just once!!

Ps. Someone commented on the post about summer’s impossible  engagement that what I write looks like the Triumphs of Baccus and Arianna… and this someone is perfectly right! Italian Renaissance… The Tuscan’s contribute to the continuity in the beauty, joy and civilization – culture, art, instruction, health and delicious food, etc. – that started in my very country since Roman Empire and the Magna Grecia. 

Quant’è bella giovinezza,
che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c’è certezza.


You’re under “mandato di fidanzamento”


Conversazione onesta e profonda tra un ragazzo e una ragazza, dopo una piccola avance da parte di lui:
Lei: – No, fermati.
Lui: – Perché?
– Perché ho le idee confuse…
– Ti sei fidanzata?
– Boh…
– Esci con qualcuno?
– Boh… Può capitare.
– Ma dico recentemente, hai ragione di pensare che ti vedi seriamente con qualcuno?
– Forse…
– Ma come forse?! Non lo sai?! Non lo senti…?!?
– Si, sempre.
– Ma siete fidanzati?
– Oddio sai che questa parola è passata di moda. Adesso, sei single, convivente/sposato o separato/divorziato. Ma poi non ho mai capito quando si capisce di ottenere lo status, che personalmente ritengo degno del nome solo dopo un anello. Tu sei solito ricevere MANDATI DI FIDANZAMENTO?
– Ahahahah, che espressione terribile…!! Comunque di solito lo dici, lo capisci.
– Non mi è mai successo di donare me stessa e ricevere un mandato il momento successivo…
– L’amore è la risposta: ma mentre cerchi la risposta, il sesso fa sorgere delle domande.
– E se non usassi quest’ultima parola, ma la sostituissi all’amore? Così domande e risposte sono un tutt’uno…
– In effetti…
– Con ciò, anche un bacio può essere l’inizio del mandato!
– Dovresti averlo capito comunque, da qualcosa…
– Ma se non lo capisco, lui è fidanzato e io sono libera?
– Di solito va in due direzioni…
– Ok, ma se qualcuno si sbaglia? Uno è sempre più tonto e tradito dell’altro.
– Ma si capisce… Quando è stata l’ultima volta che lo hai visto?
– Ieri sera…
– E cosa è successo?
– Vuoi i dettagli? Meglio di no, fidati quando dico che voglio crogiolarmi nei miei casini con calma… Serve tempo per capire, anche in questo mondo super veloce!
– Ma un bacio tra noi adesso…
– Cosa vorrebbe dire, che mi proponi un mandato di fidanzamento? Dov’è ?
– Beh chissà, poi le cose vanno da sé.
– No tesoro, io ho bisogno di un mandato, per mettere le cose in chiaro. Sennò ci saranno tante possibili bozze e si risolverà nel caos. Ti voglio bene, non vorrei illuderti….
– Va bene, lo preparerò per tempi migliori semmai! Siamo amici, non preoccuparti. Puoi dormire da me, ascolterò le tue vicissitudini.

Frutto della mia immaginazione, ho coniato questo termine pensando a possibili conversazioni di questo tipo.
Nacque tra un drink e l’altro una sera nel fine settimana… Dovrò sfruttare questa idea, perché rende l’incertezza dei primi tempi in un mondo velocissimo. In tale ecosistema, con i mezzi attuali, una persona esigente non si accontenta facilmente…perché è molto facile passare ad altro, e gli impegni dettati dall’ambizione si creano a suon di bytes esponenzialmente. E’ il dilemma del nostro secolo, è sempre più difficile legarsi ed avere relazioni “normali” – nel senso di romanticismo costante, considerando ogni momento precario e la donna tanto preziosa da dover essere conquistata ogni giorno – nel metro di una persona esigente. Il nuovo femminismo dovrebbe concedere alle donne di scegliere l’uomo che meglio si confà alle loro esigenze – nel caso baciando tanti rospi. Sono contraria a quest’idea di donna ambiziosa che vestendo tacchi 12 pesta letteralmente i terreni che sarebbero dell’uomo – adoro i tacchi e i bei vestiti, ma la realtà è che dovremmo sapere di essere al meglio svestite nelle nostre piccole dimensioni. La donna vera manda a quel paese l’ambizione quando c’è di mezzo quel sentimento che fa proliferare il mondo. Ma ha il diritto di essere esigente e distrarsi con il lavoro, visto che oggi finalmente sa cosa può volere. E se non ci sono uomini che sanno prenderla, fa bene a superarli e ad essere più alta di loro – in centimetri o di testa. E a riempirsi la casa di gatti, che ogni mattina a letto danno soddisfazione tra fusa e calore animale.
Eva oggi morde il paradiso proibito che la tecnologia con il simbolo di mela propone… E con ciò rischia ancora di rovinare l’umanità. In realtà è sempre colpa di Adamo che non è abbastanza forte per impedirglielo!


How to recognize when you’re dating someone and there are the typical behavioral aspects included? I used a term used by the Italian police, that is the equivalent of the English “you’re under arrest”, and the even stronger Russian expression “oрдер на арест”. There is some strength and slight differences in all these expressions: either in Latin languages they mean that you’re summoned to be arrested with a special paper that allows you to take in prison the criminal, either you are totally UNDER the fact of being arrested or worse – in Russian of course -: someone orders you to spend your time behind the bars. The metaphor implied with the relationships is clear. You are a criminal before the arrest: you play with the rules of the heart being an accomplice of a criminal allowing him to play with your heart, either you are the criminal and you have your own different ways to harm and/or kill the partner. Anyway, most of the time penalties are somehow harder for the accomplices, the theory of games implying non-cooperation being the favorite for the bloody criminal. Those mandati di fidanzamento – warrants of engagement -are useful to understand if you are in a situation behind the bars or if you can still play. Should life be so formal? I think yes, if you’re a good girl; and I think indeed if you get the best of your era. Today there’s no more normality and boredom in relationships. If the apple summoned Eve and all the women to damnation and pain, today another modern apple that cannot be beaten but is so smart to recognize our touch gives us the key to make this earth a blissful Eden. The devil has never been so seductive – giving an instrument that allows to really feel the presence of billions of twin souls. So guys, we’ve never needed more of those warrants. Women still love you for the ancestral qualities, the matter of fact is that those are so hidden right now – between games, beauty, discos and drugs – that we need more to be satisfied, making us being more men than men themselves.




23 reasons why owning an apple today is almost like owning a jewel


1 It’s expensive, the diamond of phones;
2 Like a diamond, you can say it’s forever because there are hundreds of ways for keeping the memory;
3 You can ask for the same diamond as you can ask for the same iPhone;
4 Even if it’s stolen or lost, the meaning and the soul remain once backupped to a new one;
5 If you can’t afford to rebuy it, you can be proud to have owned it;
6 There are levels of luxury;
7 It’s guaranteed strongly;
8 You can ensure it against theft and casual damage;
9 More than a jewel, you can retrieve the location if lost;
10 You’re more likely to take self pictures whit this shining thing in your hands;
11 It’s a perfect gift from your loved ones;
12 You can sell it and gain almost the half of its value;
13 You can give it back and add less money to buy a new model;
14 Sometimes it’s regenerated;
15 You can personalize it;
16 You can wear it and combine your outfits depending on it;
17 Differently from diamonds and jewels, it’s wereable with everything;
18 Not being closed in a safe, you enjoy from this everyday;
19 You’re always hopeful to refind this;
20 Anyway,  jewels are symbolic and I couldn’t imagine an iPhone proposal;
21 But, iPhone is a world, much more useful;
22 This apple everyday might not take the doctor away, but even he can be closer or unuseful;
23 The best or nothing… Why changing otherwise?