Enjoy beauty and make no war

Aesthetics is the key to a fulfilled, pleasant life. It’s never been my intention to imitate Oscar Wilde or Gabriele D’Annunzio because it might seems shallow, but in a world where horrors happen living surrounded by beautiful things helps enormously. Plus it’s easy to imagine luxury, statues, marbles and beautiful cars, but it’s way simpler than this. Indeed that would be the point – working hard and gaining the right to buy durable objects that maintain their cash price forever or even increase it -, but before getting there one should enter the mentality of being on the way to make it, allowing him/herself a treat. A treat is something useless and relatively expensive – to paraphrase Marie Antoinette it is “a macaron, and not bread”(actually she said croissant, but I am using macarons as they were invented by an ITALIAN chef at her court and she went nuts for them) – but which boost your mood and self-esteem in enjoying its sight and/or taste knowing you made a relatively crazy thing allowing yourself the try. It’s eating one oyster with a glass of white wine in a bar on a street in France instead of eating a sandwich for lunch. It’s eating a truffle pizza or drinking champagne and not prosecco for a relatively little difference for a piece or a glass. It’s buying a rose randomly and enjoy its sight, planting a particular plant, buying a charming map or a textile. The unusual and the beautiful. That’s what separate civilisation from barbarians, enjoy the beauty that life can offer instead of indulging in horrific images and examples given by reportage of countries in war and/or poverty. It’s the mentality of success-thinking in excess mode!  Coming home knowing that a luscious box of chocolates, pastries, roses will be there make of home a good, positive environment. And will make you want more, for which you’ll be pumped to gain. And with a drop of positivity you’ll make it in a way that you’ll feel you have never worked in you life as your work is your passion (cit. Steve Jobs).


That was a little preface for a project I am working on, a new website. I am willing to finally make of my gift of writing a (almost) full-time job, both by starting my own counter information journal, and by writing books. The first editions of Harry Potter are well on sight on a shelf to remind me of their author – a woman which made the most beautiful trip in her mind and made from it a bestseller which made her a billionaire. Those are examples to look at! J. K. Rowling was on the train from Manchester to London (the same I was into on NYE) when she had the idea of writing from a tiny scratch she made on a handkerchief. She was 25 and she made a billionaire trip for free that many billionaires could never conceive neither afford. Fantasy is the best trip, it is infinite and can change your world, in fact it is outer space. Rowling studied the classics at the university of Exeter, and then went to live in Manchester. So far, we have several things in common: I turned 25, went to Exeter in college on a very unforgettable camp experience when I was 16, I am currently living close to Manchester, in a countryside where from owls and strange cats Hyppogrifs might as well appear. Plus, I am an Italian raised in a family where from the part of my mother we have classics’ teachers and editors – in the country where true art was created. Indeed I have a juridical/political background from my studies – it helps when you create a “ministry of magic” I guess, or when you create a new world from a current political situation. So readers, my statement is that I will do my best to entertain you and gain your loyalty. I want to inspire you and make you dream. I want to make you mostly laugh in the website, and maybe cry a bit in the books – hence I want to move your soul. Meanwhile I would like to avoid being criticised because I don’t write in my mother tongue, but I have been so deep into the English practise (so much that also my current dissertation is in English) that I find it easier and plus practically everybody understand – nevertheless, in the future I shall translate or have an Italian translator to keep up the Italian pride.

Your support means a lot to me, thanks to all the ones that have been confident of BLONDEWITHBRAIN, with such a name sometimes I mocked myself too, but I guess it worked to make me EXCESSively confident – smiling with a lobster in my mouth instead of copying pictures or being serious! Life is a joyful fantasy if we want!

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Welcome to the life of the Rich and Dysfunctional

I didn’t want to write on this ambitious, senseless/meaningful corner until I was back to the peninsula Italiana as I was pretty busy writing the much more meaningful and revolutionary thesis – did you know that Nietzsche wrote his “So spoke Zarathustra” in Eze? – and much also starting a personal TOP SECRET romance while reading some Russian writers and ending Jordan Belfort’s “The wolf of Wall Street”. Ending it before starting to deep into the very life of the place left alone by the parents was seriously enlightening. In fact, this post bears an expression of the Wolf. Friends, followers and owers friends my life is supposed to be back to normal – which means 3 meals in regular times and some text messages as from the secret contract of parenthood – my extremely amazing stunning fantagenitori…. I wanted to share publicly what I learnt in this depraved (thanks JB again) place while flying free here and there without even a car – in fact I am walking home right now after a fast drive in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a matter of survival: distinguish the Wolf, the aspiring Wolf, the Hopeless, the Miserable. There’s a Normal category but it depends by your points of view and in mine whoever lives here or even attend here cannot be considered like that. In fact, like in Pareto’s law, the few that makes it are automatically geniuses and differently from the original Wolf they don’t even need to abuse drugs – this is heaven, if you consider Crystal and Dom Perignon something hurtful giving addiction and of what you can abuse, so yeah probably you might want to be in the place. Actually it’s considered disgusting drinking and be out of control, business and reputation are the very core here. If you show up and tell bullshits, you fuck visibly around and you get drunk very often (or the 3 together) and you ask too many questions or you give too many details about your life you’ll go automatically from aspiring or hopeless to miserable. Here’s competitive, you can achieve great results and/or money to live well off easily – as easy is to lose everything as well. The same with marriages. I actually received some proposals on both kind of works – pro and household – as it is fashion. But actually, is it that worth? To that I answer – YES. Life is a surprise, life deserve not to be about continuous complain as it is in all the rest of the world! Work, taxes, politics, scandals and money, family, problems, school, anger, tiresome and ENVY against whoever makes it and complaints against the home nation and how it would be great to live elsewhere. I had to experience it and make great home fights to experience and truly understand. Parents are dumb of course, appearance is about many miserables and escorts – but it’s not the whole vision, it is just a part of it to be aware of. And to be aware of, you have to survive those kind of depravity. As it is to survive envious boring normal average people. Excuses to my friends, followers, relatives, grandma: you call me crazy and don’t take advantage of my generosity in inviting you to experience so here’s my confession. Your normality is probably my killer and my saver. Life is more positivity than negativity and the latter must be overthrown – so overthrow your conceptions and live smartly! Because heaven cannot be joined easily – there’s still to resist temptation… And wherever temptation is abundant is much more interesting 😉











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L’amour aux temps des smartphones


Hier je me suis traînée toute la journée dans une robe en soie chez moi; seule à la maison de mes parents avec tous le conforts possibles je me sentais quand même un peu bohème, en cherchant de rattraper tout ce que j’ai vécu en ce weekend de désolation accompagnée. Je me réveille avec mon chat contre moi à 13 heures car mes voisins ont trouvés un vase cassé en bas et ils donnent la faute à mes invités. C’est très possible, pourtant je suis surprise. Depuis, une séries des conversations s’achèvent dans l’espace de schizophrénie qui caractérise notre siècle, avec toutes ces devices électroniques. J’étais désespérée car la télévision privée ne marchait pas et je voulais donner un sens à cette dimanche traînée dans l’oublie en regardant un beau film. Je me suis approchée des mes DVD en croient enfin de m’ennuyer avec quelques choses de déjà connu mais -surprise!- je rémarque un film que je n’avais pas encore vu, oublié parmis les autres.


C’étais enfin le bon moment pour en peu de douce tristesse et mélancolie. Tous ceux qui me connaissent connaissent mon attachement et ma sensibilité pour les histoires tristes, les coutumes des autres époques, les chansons d’Aznavour, Notre-Dame de Paris de Richard Cocciante qui me fait frissonner chaque fois. Donc je me suis approchée à ce vidéo comme il y a 3 ans je me suis approchée à “La dame aux camélias”, différemment des “Liaisons dangereuses” car c’est des vrais histoires d’amour et de mort qui me passionnent. Voilà que en regardant le film c’est bien pire et touchant car ça fait rêver de découvrir un homme qui après un véritable coup de foudre envoit des lettres féeriques et demande enfin le mariage pour entendre un oui suivis pourtant du refus de son père. Depuis ça, il attende toute une vie cette femme, souhaitent la mort de son père et de son mari en touchant plus des 600 femmes dans ces navires mais en restant vierge pour elle. 53 ans en attendant que les cloches passent la nouvelle de la mort de ce docteur important qui est son époux, pour quitter sa jeune amant dans le lit et courir vers elle, sans se soucier du doeuil. Enfin, ils peuvent s’aimer.


“his examination revealed that he had no fever, no pain anywhere, and that his only concrete feeling was an urgent desire to die. All that was needed was shrewd questioning…to conclude once again that the symptoms of love were the same as those of cholera.”

” He aprendido que hay de ser feliz sin amor o a pesar de el amor”

Dans ce monde la dernière phrase est encore plus vrais, c’est tout trop facile et la vie comme la technologie roule à une vitesse incroyable. Mais filles, c’est beau d’être jeunes et rêver, faut exiger une vie worth to be filmed! Ci c’est vrais qu’il n y a pas d’amours hereux c’est vrais que aujord’hui les possibiltés sont encore plus infinies. Moi j’exige des lettres, de la constance, de la dévotion. Comme j’exige d’écrire d’amour dans la langue de l’amour et qui veut comprendre le ferais parce que:

“Éve adorait le soleil
Et le soleil à doré Éve
C’est pourquoi
Dans la langue du plaisir
Veut dire jouir
Et le dit.”

Sinon plutot je préfererais me reveiller avec un chat ronronnant.

Votre romantique et peut etre folle, jamais trop idéaliste