Hard Power vs. Hard Power

This morning I read the news about Trump’s missile strike on the Syrian air base. Despite the horror of the chemical attack I was totally surprised Trump would turn against Assad, who is an ally for Russia–to which apparently the approach would be different to the previous administration. But then I started strolling on the chemical attacks and I couldn’t even see through the images as I was about to throw up (I am very sensitive to blood and even more to deformations and illness). Assad is really unforgivable. So Trump did something strong but enormously thought. He told Russia what he intended to do and Russians were moved out of that air base. Then his missiles hit the air base. Friends prevented, he acted. So he defended those poor hit civilians not losing friendship with Moscow. Putin is tied up into his alliance with Assad and couldn’t act anyway. Despite Putin condemning the actions–the media’s version–I think the truth lies elsewhere. Trump has billions invested in Russia and his Secretary of State was awarded the Order of Friendship by Putin himself. So there’s no way Putin didn’t know about the attack in its precise details (Trump already revealed it would retaliate, we knew he was organising it in the Pentagon last days). Thus the truth about Trump and Putin lies elsewhere. Medias can act and say whatever they want as usual, but they are disgraceful and they would better be not listened to at all (in fact my website is in construction, and will be aimed to make fun of official information). Truth is that crimes such as Hitler’s and Assad’s can’t be tolerated–we can’t keep someone like this just because “he holds his country in shambles.” We can’t kill him either–that’s why killing Khadafi was idiotic and unfair. All the international community must criticise Assad, and I am sure Putin does too but can’t be overt about it. It’s just like World War II and Nazism. We are all at risk and Russia is moving its position again to fight for the Ally side. And split its share of world order again. Will it be multipolar then? There is the most subtle and exquisite diplomacy on game here and we are very lucky to have Trump and Putin to take care of world order. Even if it will end up with a nuclear bomb, finally we’ll stop with our civilians killed. We must give safety back to our capitals–a city like Stockholm, where Nobel prizes are given, should never be hit! Furthermore, Swedish are not dicks as French! We should be curious and not at all frightened–unless indeed we travel into capitals, but sure it will change. By now I enjoy my approaching degree in the sun of Italy and my beautiful Queen-life in the English countryside–with a gap for Easter in luscious French Riviera.

And as my website’s posts must be for laugh and not cry, let’s laugh at Antonio Razzi and his selfie with Bashar al-Assad. After his declared friendship and admiration with Kim Jong Un indeed a selfie with the other world tyrant was what an Italian minister was requested to do… to brag on his friends.


There is a grammatical error that follows his reply to critiques on Twitter that makes everybody envious too of not having studied and attained something such as his post in the Parliament nevertheless…

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Tribute to polyglotism


Ogni momento quotidiano e ogni argomento ha la sua lingua di preferenza. O almeno, così vedo e vivo io la questione. Mi sento un po’ in colpa a non tradurre sempre i post che scrivo nella mia lingua madre, ma quando lo faccio mi sento in colpa perché non lo faccio neanche in francese, o in russo (questa non è proprio lingua madre come posso considerare il francese, ma potrei fare qualche articolino uno tantum, visto che mi piace ed affascina enormemente). Qualcuno di è reso conto che vado pr argomenti? Nelle invettive – politiche, quelle contro Hollywood, quelle sui maschi italiani (che ispirano tutto il nuovo femminismo che scorre in me, e mi premono visto il grado di femminicidi elevatissimo nella nostra Nazione) – in genere scrivo in italiano. É indubbio che per litigare dominiamo il mondo! Confesso oltretutto che la mia appartenenza alla città di Livorno si scatena nei litigi domestici: mamma ed io, parlanti un italiano toscano modestamente perfetto e ben lontano dalla pesante cadenza di questo porto, ci scateniamo a volte quando litighiamo tirando fuori un linguaggio da pescivendola del mercato centrale (con tutto il rispetto, vado al mercato e mi piace per apprezzarle). É un segreto ed un’abitudine che fa sfogare forse quelli che potrebbero diventare alterchi pericolosi… Insomma, il mio essere italiana sta in questo, nel litigio, e forse proprio per questa ragione posso vantare una purezza nell’integrità come persona nazionalista; l’amore per la patria che difendo nell’incoerenza di cercare altri lidi e parlare altre lingue.

Fossi coerente politicamente ed intellettualmente, parlerei solo italiano. Ma sono evidentemente una pigra blogger esibizionista che col minimo sforzo vuole essere letta ovunque. Quindi ecco perché l’inglese.


Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and all the subcultures – who wants to understand understands. Arguing in english is pretty nice too, there are a lot of big rude words. The musicality and temper are not the italian ones, though. English is a business’ language, the global one. You can, as nationalist, think that you must keep your mother language or at least translate: it’s ok for a book, for articles and immediate thoughts written on paper – but on the web is much more worthing thinking globally. I was so pissed off in Brussels where they were proud for the Nobel prize for peace won by the EU because all the documents are translated in all the languages of the 27th countries! Where’s the democracy of it? People in the world are starving to death and we spend money on paper and translators…?! There, the four languages of the six former countries in 1951 (Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium) were more then enough, in my humble opinion.


La langue française c’est celle de la diplomatie, de l’amour, de vins. Pourquoi-pas la mode et l’alimentation, pour ne pas parler des expression utilisées chaque jour dans le langage commun, qui donne ce je-ne-sais-quoi de recherchée et cultivé. La grammaire est très compliquée, et ça donne aussi cette nature inimitable et surclassée à la langue même…Bref, mon coeur appartient intimement à la France, d’ou apparemment mes ancêtres ont échappés en 1789.  Retournant au discours sur l’UE, les langues sont une raisons entre des milliers d’autres à niveau politique, pour laquelle je choisis de preference les relations internationales et la diplomatie en elle-même plutôt q’un travail dans le Conseil européen ou dans les autres institutions de Bruxelles.

Avete mai pensato a quante parole francesi incrociamo in una giornata? Ecco un piccolo capolavoro di cortometraggio raffinato ed indicativo: c’est la vie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEFkE6VjZ2Y

cirillicoRussian language, which wold require me a keyboard I’m too lazy to set now on the MacBook, is charming and secret; that’s why spies are often linked to Russia, in memory of the terrible KGB! People who hears and know the language cannot help but saying that it’s so sexy then… especially when spoken by beautiful women.

Spanish is not so sexy and not even so useful, but still it’s nice to understand it and having passed an exam too.

My love to multi-understanding and the main way to enter the über national world !!!