Belated wishes and Christmas thoughts

IMG_9114Здравствуйте, and greetings!

Last Christmas was one of the best in my life, I gave my heart literally and the very next day I was the happiest girl. I am still safe and sound, thanks to the Almighty.

The best gift was understanding how love must be stronger than pride to fulfill one self with the true joy of loving someone else, despite of the conviction of being unbreakable.

Then I had the full family for lunch, finally: my 90 years old aunt decided she was well enough to come – she’s perfectly healthy and with a brilliant mind, drinking martinis everyday, but inexplicably she’s been closing herself at home almost 8 years. She’s my star, she manage to be perfectly blonde with some simple tricks and she has Bette Davis’ eyes, blue with a great layer of mascara. She’s funny and broad minded, I can tell her everything and she cheers to all my crazy decision, trusting in me. I well guessed when I said she must have had an ascendent in pisces, like me.  Smoking for 50 years one packet and then stopping at 80, I really hope I have the same DNA (she’s my passed away grandma’s sister).

Granny (86) and her made a great couple, plus my parents and the cat. I have an uncle (who’s no children), but he never comes… Anyway, it was a very pleasant lunch, which I burnt later with a long walk… Before going back home and being acclaimed by all the usual guests we have.

So I wanted to share my happiness’ pride, I had all I wanted for Christmas and I hope you too!



The spoiled picky geek


I did it! After an incredibly intense exhausting summer – for my standards, that is relaxing and regenerating -, I came back to my native country with a clear and determined mind. I’m always happy in September, the seasons in which true sensed warmth are starting from now! It’s time to make a treasure from the summer’s experiences and networks, it’s time to handle up our lives on a business level and maybe on a sentimental one – talking for my readers, it can be understood. I’m on the creative motivated side: thesis soon, readings, the bureaucratic stuff to enter a new path of study. I won’t leave political sciences and all that comes from this: communications, international politics and relationships, languages, economy, finance, history etc. я не хочу жениться, я хочу учиться! And since when the university itself rewards me with scholarships (I got 2 of them for productivity and well doing), my very cultivated family – all lawyers and professors…- spoils me and supports me to make me study – l’m the unique child and nephew -, I have special discounts and last but not least studying is not even an effort for me as I live to learn and continuously have challenges… who needs anything else? So since when I’ve came back I kept on moving and I had little time even to sleep – as always, I keep myself busy in other not to waste time. September 1st I bought myself a gift and Apple awarded me with the Education discount: I invested on a McBook Air. Stop getting mad with other products, Apple is esthetically and efficiently the best. No one EVER bought a Mac with so much decision and speed. I was watching the clock while they were installing programs as I was late somewhere else and so I thanked and assured I would have finished everything at home. I was biking (my parents managed to break the Smart car while I was away) with the precious packet and at home I found astonishment. Why waiting a gift for the degree when I live on the edge of excitement and celebration to be home after 2 moths and a half? Live the beauty of the present, because tomorrow is a mystery… and I’ll have other rewards anyway! So installations were made yesterday night, after having hugged my beloved friends in Kavarna – it’s not that important where you go and who you are with, if the owners and the mood are familiar you’ll always feel at home and lucky. I slept maybe 4 hours and today I was in Florence sooooo happy to see my professor, the guardians, the president of the faculty etc! My mum went at the Apple store to have her iPhone repaired for free in 30 minutes meanwhile – again, Apple is the best technology to invest in even for the guarrantee it gives…. In accordance to the theories “The best or nothing” and “Live and think in abundance”, daddy was waiting at home to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and then I strolled out to see my best girlfriends immediately after! Sleepless for the innate sickness of vampirism, this is the first post with my new jewel.

New Year has begun! Did you know that in Russia until 1700 it started in September? Russians have different New Years… In fact it’s relative and there’s no reason to celebrate just once!!

Ps. Someone commented on the post about summer’s impossible  engagement that what I write looks like the Triumphs of Baccus and Arianna… and this someone is perfectly right! Italian Renaissance… The Tuscan’s contribute to the continuity in the beauty, joy and civilization – culture, art, instruction, health and delicious food, etc. – that started in my very country since Roman Empire and the Magna Grecia. 

Quant’è bella giovinezza,
che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c’è certezza.


Bloody and good news – Italy vs Germany


Bloody cases committed by insane men are apparently solved. About the one that stabbed all his family I am very amused to see that the Telegraph didn’t lose time to report: sex and football, a typical italian’s stereotype isn’t it? It goes by itself this one matches with the serial women’s killer/beaters… So happy Justice got those 2 yesterday.
And uber happy that Schumacher is out of coma, might he recovers completely! Like Pete Sampras – I felt a natural sympathy for this champion at the youngest ages: his smile, his costume, the Ferrari…. I knew but him and even if I couldn’t care less of sports – I’m a surroundings sport event’s lover if you got it – I was shocked when he had the accident and until when I’ve heard the news I wouldn’t have hoped he could get out of there anymore… His family and fans couldn’t deserve this loss, and the world his presence! That’s why miracles happen and we must believe in them.

In fact, I felt a miracle on my vey skin when I had a NDE (Near Death Experiences) at the age of 15. Might this post be a thank you for my doctors – as I’m glad I’m in touch with them safe and sound now, brain without injuries – and for this beautiful life I’m so glad to live.

It was a very cheerful Monday yesterday, and today I’m in Florence at Pitti – I’ll post my impressions later, maybe.


Christmas at Cantini’s house

You can’t hate Christmas if you have a lovely family… But what if your family is composed by 3 members, a grandmother and an aunt that is never with us? This seems the perfect scenario to leave the town, I know. But I’ve never in my life left for Christmas and never will, because it is the day the rarest Cantinis adopt others families throwing a party in the house. And wait, – not a fat burn party, a delicacy dinner with matched wines and champagne -, people keep on eating, and drinking, and dancing. This time was blaster then ever, guests multiplied, almost 80! The stronger dishes were: foie gras, pumpkin soup with chicory, canard à l’orange, various desserts accompanied by my mascarpone’s cream. Privilege of being a small family is being free almost not eating for lunch, hiding the meat to granny like every time she cooks me a huge lunch 😉
Today dad was happy he received a stereo for the iPod and prepared a strong playlist (so he believed, it was 1/3 of mine), and by my side a bottle of vodka beluga (easy to guess, it was well known how much I was looking for it and the family deserved it).
On my side I had a lot of friends, a super dinner and the best gifts ever, seems like my friends knew what I needed without me telling.
Things I left in the shops uncertain memento “I’ll be back when the crisis will keep away the large amount of people from the stores and I’ll be served properly”… So, perfect.
This is a special public thank you and I’m glad I can share this perfect first Christmas for my blog!
Life is about sharing and feeling (strong) emotions.
My dad is a master in telling jokes: now that I have an iPhone in my hands, I’ll make him a superstar publishing them on YouTube! Here’s the first to be published, keep on looking, he’s an infinite source of inspiration:
And to give an idea, part of the party at the end of the soirée:

I took no pictures of us, the younger. The older were much more fun!!

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Positive things of being single for Christmas

Indeed the best thing is buying yourself gifts you’re sure you’re going to appreciate and use at your own benefit, and to the others’ when it’s about nice outfits and accessories. Thinking of the cost/opportunity you don’t have to feel guilty to spoil yourself 🙂
By now I gifted myself with a Versace passpartout clutch/wallet where I can also keep my phone safe, a gold dress and a gold nail polish (geez, I definitely am a gold addict)… And it’s not finished yet, I’ve just fallen on a black with gold heel Guess’ shoes.
How nice, the phone at the end was my parents’ gift and I can still reward everybody and me too with the excellent results of the two exams I did on the 17th. I can enjoy my holidays and partying deserving them, with J-3 I’ll gift myself with a degree soon… So responsible I’m their only child and I’ve a very small family, they can just have me to be proud of… Luckily, I love everything I do, and study.
Sing out loud happy things, cheers the successes! And love your loved ones (family, friends and cat…right, what should I buy him?).





Indeed waiting the 25th is unuseful, even because the meeting with the charming prince could fall in this extremely romantic period of the year… Then, let’s account he too as a gift!