50 shades of rubbish

For millions of women the week opened with a spicy perspective: 50 shades of gray came out the 14th of February, and most of the girls choose Saint Valentine’s pretext either to torture and/or turn on their boyfriends, either to spend a funny dreamy evening between singles.
I had better to do, and no better company than my mom, so I started the week very well.

I couldn’t figure out how a film treating this issue could come up well, in spite of my girlfriends recommending it; and in fact after the vision I stay with my opinion. Actually actors, music, photography, cuts are very well taken, it is the plot in himself that doesn’t fit anywhere. I read the book and after the first episode I shut it quite disgusted and didn’t go ahead buying (my mum did!). It is so absurd and out of reality: he’s awesomely young, rich, active and controlling – and this is an hypothetical period of unreality already -; she’s a 21 years old student commonly brunette, clumsy and VIRGIN – that is not only uncommon in the XXI century all over the civilised world, but totally improbable and idealistic especially when facing a Mr control freak Grey!! A contract of submission appears almost immediately after he starts stalking and kidnapping her – he comes to save her when she’s drunk and this make him falling deeper in his anxiety of control -, and floats over the couple – because he actually FALLS IN LOVE so the prohibition of kisses, hugs and sweet words fades away and there’s no much harsh BDSM, the tingle coming just by the vision of the “Red Room of Torture” – for the whole film. It is boring and there are holes, plus beating a woman even for “a game” isn’t sane and sexy to preach; it should not be seen as something exciting in machos that seemingly don’t exist. But Anastasia pouring tears for some beatings at the end and escaping is ridiculous. She’s a mix of the popular opinion (of the XIX century!) of a good girl to marry: English’ literature student, no men previously, sensitive and curious at the point to be disarmingly stupid. He gives her everything and fucks her out of the famous contract finally, but she still asks him WHY he’s with her and what are his problems. You can hide a book to a teenager, but when over 14 years old (or even less, as there’s no control) you will feel curious and obliged to go watching the film what happens? The education given is so scandalous and unrealistic that Twilight’s preaching of the existing of good vampires that eat animals and are chaste with humans make sense.
Where are the classic bitings and scratchings? Women, start using your weapons to keep and brand your macho man instead of fantasising over fictions….


90’s terrific cults: think twice before getting involved!

Fatal attraction, Sleeping with the enemy, Basic instinct, The war of the Roses.


Suspense, obsession, lust, sex, possession, blood, death, craziness… and a common message: be careful who you sleep with, and/or with whom you’re married with. Suddenly he/she can turn into your worst enemy. Consequences could bring you to death. Those films scared a generation of young people, and still work with me. My heart had difficulties handling Sleeping with the enemy tonight, where finally the crazy one in the couple is the man. Very tidy, very beautiful, very faithful and cheerful…and then suddenly crazy and violent for nothing, always wanting to possess his wife until she’s got no freedom even to see her mom. She pretends she can’t swim and so she escapes and changes her identity. But he seeks for her… I had shivers during the whole movie. Why didn’t I see it before sharing part of my life with some potential enemies? And then there’s Psycho, who also had its remake during the 90’s. There the presence of the MOM dominates the film. Oedipus complex, another thing to be scared with. And while during the 90’s women were anyway still more submitted to men’s, now everything is upside down. With the awful consequences for us to end up killed to make them think that they still are over us, and mom protects them.


Protect and love yourself, be single – keep friends, give birth a day, live in peace.


We women have more powerful weapons than guns anyway….



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L’amour aux temps des smartphones


Hier je me suis traînée toute la journée dans une robe en soie chez moi; seule à la maison de mes parents avec tous le conforts possibles je me sentais quand même un peu bohème, en cherchant de rattraper tout ce que j’ai vécu en ce weekend de désolation accompagnée. Je me réveille avec mon chat contre moi à 13 heures car mes voisins ont trouvés un vase cassé en bas et ils donnent la faute à mes invités. C’est très possible, pourtant je suis surprise. Depuis, une séries des conversations s’achèvent dans l’espace de schizophrénie qui caractérise notre siècle, avec toutes ces devices électroniques. J’étais désespérée car la télévision privée ne marchait pas et je voulais donner un sens à cette dimanche traînée dans l’oublie en regardant un beau film. Je me suis approchée des mes DVD en croient enfin de m’ennuyer avec quelques choses de déjà connu mais -surprise!- je rémarque un film que je n’avais pas encore vu, oublié parmis les autres.


C’étais enfin le bon moment pour en peu de douce tristesse et mélancolie. Tous ceux qui me connaissent connaissent mon attachement et ma sensibilité pour les histoires tristes, les coutumes des autres époques, les chansons d’Aznavour, Notre-Dame de Paris de Richard Cocciante qui me fait frissonner chaque fois. Donc je me suis approchée à ce vidéo comme il y a 3 ans je me suis approchée à “La dame aux camélias”, différemment des “Liaisons dangereuses” car c’est des vrais histoires d’amour et de mort qui me passionnent. Voilà que en regardant le film c’est bien pire et touchant car ça fait rêver de découvrir un homme qui après un véritable coup de foudre envoit des lettres féeriques et demande enfin le mariage pour entendre un oui suivis pourtant du refus de son père. Depuis ça, il attende toute une vie cette femme, souhaitent la mort de son père et de son mari en touchant plus des 600 femmes dans ces navires mais en restant vierge pour elle. 53 ans en attendant que les cloches passent la nouvelle de la mort de ce docteur important qui est son époux, pour quitter sa jeune amant dans le lit et courir vers elle, sans se soucier du doeuil. Enfin, ils peuvent s’aimer.


“his examination revealed that he had no fever, no pain anywhere, and that his only concrete feeling was an urgent desire to die. All that was needed was shrewd questioning…to conclude once again that the symptoms of love were the same as those of cholera.”

” He aprendido que hay de ser feliz sin amor o a pesar de el amor”

Dans ce monde la dernière phrase est encore plus vrais, c’est tout trop facile et la vie comme la technologie roule à une vitesse incroyable. Mais filles, c’est beau d’être jeunes et rêver, faut exiger une vie worth to be filmed! Ci c’est vrais qu’il n y a pas d’amours hereux c’est vrais que aujord’hui les possibiltés sont encore plus infinies. Moi j’exige des lettres, de la constance, de la dévotion. Comme j’exige d’écrire d’amour dans la langue de l’amour et qui veut comprendre le ferais parce que:

“Éve adorait le soleil
Et le soleil à doré Éve
C’est pourquoi
Dans la langue du plaisir
Veut dire jouir
Et le dit.”

Sinon plutot je préfererais me reveiller avec un chat ronronnant.

Votre romantique et peut etre folle, jamais trop idéaliste



Woody Allen in Europe

It’s amazing how this author manages to give such deep insides in his characters. This is true for all his movies, but reaches the highest heights in the ones turned in Europe in the past years, where not only he catches them but he even places them in a particular nation’s frame. A frame given not only by that particular mentality but also by the scenarios, never left at odds. The movies and the insights I am referring to are:

  • 2005, Match Point.

main_picdownload (2)

It’s a thriller produced and filmed in London after Allen had difficulties finding financial support in New York. The cast was to be mostly english and even the plot was to be adapted to more british tastes. The drama is about morality,ambition, lust, passion, greed,money. Since the beginning the theme of relativityand possibility appears: a tennis ball is on the net, who will be the winner in this match point? Femme fatale Scarlet Johansson is the net in the match of the protagonist, a former tennis pro who’s married for ambition and is raising the social stair. The choice between passion and ambition must be taken after an accident coming purely by the fomer. This is by far one of the movies that by the end leaves the audience shocked for the depth,the cynism and the cold  it transmits. And this is by far the darker in the european serie. no wonder it takes place in London!

  • 2008, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky_cristina_barcelonaIt’s a romantic comedy drama set in Barcelona. Two girlfriends very different from temper,- Vicky studies Catalan culture and is engaged to be married while Cristina had spent the winter writing and acting in a 12 minutes film on love, ”that too vaste argument to approach in such a time”-, decides to spend their summer in the Catalan capital. They attractes the sexy painter Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) who is still in love with his crazy and emotionally unstable ex wife Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) though troubled. Without saying the plot, the affair gets to center on four characters, with the poor husband of Vicky out of knowledge of the meeting. On this set the beautiful couple Cruz-Bardem took shape.

bardem vicky cristina barcelona







  • 2011, Midnight in Paris.


midnight in paris top post-thumb-600x400-53668It’s a romantic comedy film fantasy taking place in Paris. Gill Pender (Owen Wilson) is a romantic,dreamy screenwriter who is forced to confront the shortcomings of his relationship with his materialistic fiancée. Wondering about in Paris refusing to go at a party ,at midnight he encounters a series of people that made the literature and art of the first XXth century, – such as Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald and his funny though mad wife Zelda, Salvador Dalí, Picasso, Gertrude Stein and others-. The movie explores themes of nostalgia and modernism. The cast is excellent, and the role of Gill fits perfectly on Owen Wilson, like the one of his fiancée interpreted by Rachel McAdams,who is well remembered in Mean Girls playing the bitchy barbie queen. Though there are a lot of amusing gags and dialogues, this film makes think over the unsatisfaction we live in each historical period by dreamy eyes. This film is by far one of my favourites, because I myself am lost in contemplation of arts and especially in Paris I am head over heels… from the very beginning, that is like a postcards of that magic city, I knew I would have considered this film an absolute masterpiece, so poetic as it is. Woody Allen catches the greatest scenarios, that’s why I also liked his last film.

  • 2012, To Rome with love.

Always starring a great cast of actors, with some locals, this film mixes four different stories framed by the Eternal City. Italians are highly stereotyped: unfaithful, seeking a shallow success, following celebs in bed because “the situation makes the man a thief”. Though many Italians have argued against that, making it personal, I can see how we are seen by the eyes of foreigners, and Allen catches our stereotyped characteristic without neglecting the beauty we only own, with a smile. So the materialistic father in law of an Italian lawyer that wants to defend the poors manages to appreciate so much how his brother in law (an undertaker!) sings under the shower that makes of it an Opera business and around the infidelities, there are couples that truly love each other. I remember I watched this film with my grandmother, and we both enjoyed and made nice critics over it.

Thank you Woody to have gifted Europe with such artworks. One of my dreams is starring in your next one!


E’ meraviglioso come questo autore riesca a definire  i suoi personaggi. Questo è vero per tutti i suoi film, ma raggiunge le vette più alte negli ultimi girati in Europa, dove non solo li coglie, ma li inserisce anche nella propria particolare cornice nazionale. Una cornice non solo data da tale particolare mentalità, ma anche dagli scenari, mai lasciati al caso.I film a cui mi riferisco sono:

– 2005, Match Point. Thriller prodotto e filmato a Londra in quanto l’autore aveva avuto difficoltà a trovare supporto finanziario a New York, il cast è per la maggior parte inglese e anche la tramaè stata riadattata a gusti più british. La storia tratta di moralità, ambizione, avidità, passione, denaro. Sin dall’inizio appare il tema della relatività e della possibilità:  una pallina da tennis è sul net, chi sarà il vincitore di questo match point? La fatale Scarlet Johansson è il net nel match del protagonista, un ex campione di tennis che si è sposato per l’ambizione di salire la scala sociale grazie a questo matrimonio. La sceltra tra ambizione e passione tuttavia deve essere presa a seguito di un incidente che viene necessariamente da quest’ultima, nello stato più puro. Questo è di gran lunga il film che lascia più in suspence l’audience, caricandola di aspettative e infine scioccando per il cinismo e la freddezza che manifesta. Non stupisce che in questa serie europea una trama del genera prenda forma a Londra!

– 2008, Vicky Cristina Barcelona è una commedia romantica. Due amiche molto diverse caratterialmente,- Vicky studia la cultura Catalana ed è fidanzata pronta a sposarsi a breve, mentre Cristina ha passato l’inverno scrivendo e recitando in un film della durata di 12 minuti sull’amore, “quell’argomento decisamente troppo vasto per essere trattato in tali tempi”-,  decidono di passare l’estate nella capitale Catalana. Una sera attraggono l’affascinante pittore Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), sempre preso dalla sua pazza ed emotivamente instabile ex moglie Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) e pertanto turbato. Senza voler svelare la trama, l’affaire si sviluppa tra questi quattro personaggi, tenendo il povero futuro marito di Vicky all’oscuro delle tribolazioni. Su questo set è scoppiato l’amore tra Penelope Cruz e Javier Bardem.

– 2011, Midnight in Paris è una fantasiosa commedia romantica girata a Parigi. Gill Pender (Owen Wilson) è uno sceneggiatore romantico e sognatore alle strette nella relazione con la sua fidanzata materialista. Rifiutandosi di andare in un locale e decidendo invece di gironzolare per Parigi, è abbordato a mezzanotte da una serie di personaggi che hanno fatto la storia dell’inizio del XXesimo secolo,- Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald con la sua moglie divertente e instabile, Salvador Dalì, Picasso, Gertrude Stein etc.-. Il film tratta di temi come la nostalgia e il modernismo. Il cast è eccellente e il ruolo di Gill calza a pennello su Owen Wilson, come del resto quello della sua fidanzata che è interpretata da Rachel McAdams, ben ricordata nel ruolo della barbie Regina in Mean Girls. Nonostante le numerose gag e i dialoghi brillanti, questo film fa pensare all’insoddisfazione che potenzialmente viviamo in ogni periodo storico, con occhi sognanti. Questo è di gran lungauno dei miei film preferiti, perchè io stessa sono una contemplatrice delle arti e specialmente a Parigi ho la testa fra le nuvole e sogno… Dalle prime inquadrature che colgono la città facendone una cartolina magica sapevo che avrei considerato questo film così poetico come un assoluto capolavoro.Woody Allen coglie i migliori scenari, e questo è uno dei motivi per cui mi è piaciuto anche il suo ultimo film.

– 2012, To Rome with love.  Presentando sempre un ottimo cast di attori, tra cui anche locali questo film mescola quattro storie differenti che si sviluppano nella cornice della Città Eterna. Gli italiani sono altamente stereotipati: infedeli, alla ricerca di un fugace successo, inseguitori di avventure tra le lenzuola perchè “l’occasione fa l’uomo ladro”. Nonostante molti italiani l’abbiano presa sul personale e abbiano criticato il film, capisco come siamo visti agli occhi dello straniero, e Allen coglie queste nostre caratteristiche stereotipate senza trascurare la bellezza che abbiamo, con un sorriso. E’ così che il materialista suocero di un giovane avvocato italiano che vuole difendere i poveri aiuta il cognato (un becchino!) a fare del suo cantare sotto la doccia un business di Opera lirica. Intorno alle infedelità, ci sono coppie che si amano veramente. Ricordo di aver visto questo film con la mia nonna, entrambe ci abbiamo riso e ne abbiamo fatto un’ottima critica. Entrambe amiamo l’Italia.

Grazie Woody per avere donato all’Europa queste opere d’arte. Uno dei miei sogni e fare parte della tua prossima!