Shopping first destination in Italy is Florence!


Another exam gone for the best after NYE celebrations, I deserved the sales in the city center! Everybody who’s reading, keep this in mind: there are the same shops than in Milan, except that the atmosphere is definitely much more beautiful. Renaissance in the air, last trends in the showcases. Rome is way too chaotic and dispersed. The correspondent of Milan’s via Montenapoleone e via della Spiga in Florence are via Tornabuoni and via Calzaiuoli (Hermes, Prada, Ferragamo, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi….). Via Roma, the highlights of trends, with Miu Miu, Michael Kors soon opening, Luisaviaroma (it contains every luxury label that I have not quoted already,eg Valentino, YSL, Dsquared). Rinascente is the luxury mall (like Harrods and Lafayette, to say the equivalents). Then there’s a galaxy surrounding that: great leather’s shops, low cost labels, vintage… Not to buy anything, with sales, impossible! I had the third thunderbolt for a pair of shoes in less than a month, then two funny Zara t-shirts (I kinda of collect stamped and funny ones, many with irreverent phrases I’ll have to post soon). In my teenage era I couldn’t miss Brandy&Melville, even if it’s located in via Cavour (a few minutes walking from Duomo, but now there’s a littler one in the gold cradle). Check it at
I suggest to check the sales on Zara’s website as I was told because I couldn’t find a lovely pair of shorts I hesitated to buy in the one in Monaco .
What about jewels? I didn’t receive gold and diamonds today, but I’d like my man having the taste to get a look into the many little shops placed in Ponte Vecchio… The small tipic showcases shine with all kinds
of cuts and antiquities.



And this is me allegedly of fours tons of culture showed and happy for the new entries in my wardrobe, shiny nails ( and cosmopolitan.



This exam was mostly about death and its pornography, how it’s hidden and feared in the contemporary society; the sense of shame we feel when talking about it (impoliteness).
I’ve always been intrigued with this issue and I love the most dramatic stories. I like dying every time my heroes do, in order to remember them, feel detached because I am in this earth safe and sound, and feel more alive in their memories too.
A 5km walk from the university to the center, great lunch, shopping…. What more? For every success we need to celebrate, if you feel lucky don’t put an end to this, just keep on enjoying. Until the work calls you back, but this will happen in a future that is never stable. Ah, and love your work. Or stay unemployed. We live only once (in this corpse). Live the day because living is the best opportunity we get from nature to make this world shine with positive energy and improve it. Day by day, moment by moment. Like a friend told me this weekend about my exam on medias: “ils doivent aller se faire foutre, ils disent que tout va mal lorsque la vie est tellement belle!”.
No constraints, let’s spend and make the politician be grey and boring! Give and you’ll receive back… Kinda of a law.


All those glitters that ain’t gold but they may look like diamonds and worth their value 😉



Christmas’ food shopping

I absolutely adore going food shopping with my parents at Monaco’s Carrefour, especially under Xmas! There’s no need to talk about the lights and the atmosphere – Monaco’s shining, aneverywhere, the port has an awesome village with full of delicacies and there’s an Olympic swimming pool transformed for ice skating -.
I want to indulge on food and alcohols, so here’s some pics.







Nice bottles huh? Though I’m astonished again even in this period there’s no vodka Beluga…But I found another way to get it, ssssht 😉 


Belvedere and Grey Goose are everywhere and are even more expensive! Going commercial is not very trustable locally…

The best things we put in the basket are:

Not to talk about wines… It’s impossible to drink a good rosé wine in my nation, it’s not our culture (but I feel it from my French ancestors).

In my opinion Ovomaltine crunchy cream is even better than Nutella. In Italy there’s no choice, you have only this… I had been looking everywhere, I checked if I could order it on the web but in Austrian websites it’s crazy to spend 20€.
So anybody interested in my exporting “unfindable” delicacies?

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Life is so much better if sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t


Sun makes people lazy. Isn’t it fun to run through the rain and join your destination? And when all the deeds are done, to dry yourself and find comfort in your home, in the arms of your loved one or hugged by a blanket… Rain is creativity and energy, and I really enjoy it when it’s shared. I remember the day I did two exams in Brussels: the day started very sunny and warm, but -while time was going by and with it all my knowledge and expectation in the harder Erasmus day ever-, clouds were increasing proportionally with my anxiety. And as soon as I entered the class where I had to show up my Russian force, a heavy rain began to drop. In two hours it got only worse, and I had to afford a crazy run to the bus station with ballerinas at my feet. Luckily I saw a boy with an umbrella that helped me. It was like a mirage, he was Italian and he run with me. I didn’t even know his name, but I’m still thankful and by far that moment will always make me smile. The bus took half an hour to get to my stop due to traffic, half an hour spent talking with a young girl already professor of philosophy, then crazy run with short stop telling my friends at Saint Plon that I had survived and probably I had even succeeded. My day didn’t even end when I reached my beloved wooden room, I had to celebrate it: it was the first, the hardest and of course the unforgettable one . There’s no way to describe how I love surprises, and this is true even with the weather. Wherever I will live, there’s no city like Brussels, where you can experience all the seasons in one day.

I miss the heavy snow in march. Why have I born in Italy?
Then, why all the greatest romantic literature is set in cold countries and is dominated by Wuthering Eights? Passion, death, ghosts and eternity cannot be represented by the sun…. and by far, aren’t they the more charming?
The coldest and stormiest, the warmer.


La vita è così migliore se a volte piove e a volte no!

Il sole rende le persone pigre. Non è meraviglioso correre sotto la pioggia per raggiungere la propria destinazione? E quando tutti i compiti sono stati svolti, asciugarsi e cercare conforto nella propria casa, tra le braccia della persona amata o riscaldato da una coperta… La pioggia è creatività e energia, e adoro quando è condivisa. Ricordo il giorno in cui dovevo sostenere due esami a Bruxelles: giornata iniziata con un sole primaverile ma,- con il passare del tempo e con ciò tutte le mie conoscenze e aspettative per il giorno più duro del mio esasmus-, con nuvole crescenti proporzionalmente con la mia ansia. Come sono entrata nell’aula dove dovevo sostenere lo scritto di russo, una pioggia fittissima ha iniziato a cadere. In due ore non ha fatto altro che peggiorare, e dovevo raggiungere la fermata dell’autobus con una folle corsa con delle ballerine ai piedi. Fortunatamente intravidi un ragazzo con un ombrello che mi aiutò nell’impresa. Fu come un miraggio, tra l’altro era italiano e corse con me. Non sapevo neanche il suo nome, ma gli sono sempre riconoscente e quel momento continua a farmi sorridere. Il bus impiegò mezz’ora per raggiungere la mia fermata a causa del traffico, mezz’ora impiegata piacevolmente a chiacchierare con una giovane professoressa di filosofia.  Scesa di lì, dovetti intraprendere un’altra corsa folle con una piccola pausa al Saint Plon per comunicare che ero sopravvissuta e che pensavo di essermela oltretutto cavata con gli esami.  Raggiunta la mia adorata calda cameretta di legno non potevo far finire il mio primo e più intenso, perciò indimenticabile giorno di esami. Uscii ancora, condivisi la pioggia con una persona cara, e festeggiai.  Ovunque vivrò, non troverò una città che mi soddisfi come Bruxelles., dove in un giorno si possono sperimentare tutte le quattro stagioni.  Mi manca la neve intensa nel mese di marzo. Perchè sono nata in Italia? Poi, perchè tutta la migliore letteratura romantica si situa nei paesi più freddi ed è dominata dalle immagini di Cime Tempestose?  La passione, la morte, i fantasmi, e l’eternità non possono essere rappresentati dal sole… E non sono questi elementi i più affascinanti? Più freddo e più tempestoso, più profondo e caldo.


How to throw a proper party.


  • Everybody brings bottles, and the host may be careful there is every kind of these;
  • I insist on the quality of bottles;
  • Food is unnecessary, but peanuts always fit;
  • The speed of music increases proportionally with the level of alcol;
  • A slow classic in the middle is wonderful;
  • An hookah is a touch of class and a way to have collective visions with some vodka inside;
  • The host should be careful to choose guests, mixing the same level of people;
  • A little dresscode is fun, – eg hot pants, black&gold, sixties- ;
  • Little games during the party are welcome.
  • Plastic glasses, I’ve recently learnt this must be a rule….

It’s super easy, isn’t it? It’s one of the few things in which I believe union makes force, at least in order to have a perfect open bar! There’s no reason for not hosting parties in my opinion, life is beautiful if we’re able to celebrate the good moments with well chosen friends and yet open-minded for the best. If you celebrate every minimal success the law of attraction will give you even more. I am very thankful.


Party before the erasmus


Party after the erasmus


Sliding slow with daddy at my 18th super birthday party ❤


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Serotonin Shopping Syndrom


I couldn’t have imagined that my mania for chocolate’s stock would have reached its depth in Berlin. But wow, Ritter boutique is impressive! The chocolate is excellent ans SO cheap! Used to the aristocratic Belgian chocolate, that worths like gold, I needed to make a step on the past, when Ritter sport was my daddy’s award when we skied a lot. I was a little champion, then I broke my meniscus in a black track after having flown on 4 persons because of a smooth slope. Sweet souvenirs….


In their honour,I bought 2kg of random Chocolate bars…