Italy’s Flat Tax

Scrooge McDucks from overseas, did you know that the a Paradise on earth such as Italy – with its food, people, fashion, landscapes etc. – has became a fiscal Paradise for you from a few weeks? Finally the government passed a law that might as well attract wealth and a boost to the economy instead of stinky useless migrants able to make their wealth by stealing the wealthy – validating Churchill’s quote for which while “capitalism consists in an unequal sharing of blessings, socialisms consists in an equal sharing of misery.” Thus now a new foreign resident can apply to the Italian Revenue Agency with the request of being billed only €100,000 over a period of 15 years. E.g. considering that €100,000,000 revenue would be cut in half in almost all the States of residency making the millionaire a middle class species, having the possibility that year to pay on his revenue coming from overseas – which should be everywhere but in the E.U., so I guess England as well as soon as Brexit will be effective; which I guess will be interesting due to the economic shock and the falling of the Pound, the raises in salaries and the major taxation the government will ask to retain the same inflow. What will you be waiting for, then? Bank accounts in Italy are cheap compared to existing fiscal paradises, life is cheaper in general and the period to live there can be seen as spent in a holiday which offers the best landscapes in the world – together with charming cities filled with activities, shopping and art. In Italy it’s easy to jump in a car and, depending on the range of time you want to spend into it, you can see within generally 15km totally different scenarios already. Plus, last but not least, the real estate is so cheap!!! From 2008 apparently it hasn’t came yet to its old prices, but necessarily it will be in a new economic cycle – this theatrical piece in our politics must soon come to an end and everybody who studied history known we Italians always rose up again to send on our own. Italy wasn’t hit that much by the 2010 Eurozone crisis. I want to remind that Silvio Berlusconi succeeded in refusing the IMF loan that Sarkozy and Merkel relentlessly tried to palm off us. The result? CRISIS, but at least not SLAVERY (to “Germany’s” EBC) – unlike Greece, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus. For Berlusconi the result was a political golpe that happened a few days later in that November 2011, when the most criminal president of the Republic – €19 millions worth ex communist decrepit Giorgio Napolitano – called him off his charge and decided Mario Monti should succeed to him immediately as a premier.

This news of a Flat Tax 6 years later should comfort everybody instead of being criticised. All proud Italian that in 2011 cherished our close death should over-talk about it because we are resurrecting. A “left” technical government passed it – needless to say it, Berlusconi proposed it years ago but was not listened to. We need money, fun, wealth brought to our country of Gods. Poverty never created anything – wealth does! Our most beautiful art pieces comes from wealthy men who commissioned it!!! And wealthy people are the good entrepreneurial people that Italians need.

If you have any questions or you look for some interesting real estate check http://tuscanylegalservices.com/?lang=en



Here Berlusconi cheering: http://forzaitalia.it/notizie/11709/con-la-flat-tax-riparte-l-italia



The eve

Dear all, I am sorry for being extremely lazy and having spent a week in waking up at 11am after falling asleep into the couch for excessive walking after I passed the last two exams of my master degree. I was enormously stressed as I made the mistake that most students of political science do: I left the exams of economics as last ones, so all the formulas and graphics drove me a bit insane. I started realising it’s Christmas on a cloud over a weekend in Broadway (England) at the beginning of December, and two days ago when I decided to accept a 25/30 on economics of the financial markets even if it lowers my average and I could have re done the exam better. We live just once, and we must be lazy for what it’s worth it. If I can’t get to the maximum mark at the university it is because I always gave priority to experience rather than judgements from professors, who as much as I might esteem, they are not me. I will be more happy to win 800€ of scholarship for speed in achieving through a very filled life for which I will make a resume of this year and the proposals for the new one in the last post of 2016 as it has been a very complete year indeed through travelling, achievements, adventures and misadventures in love that brought me to where I am: on the edge of joy in spending this Christmas and New Year between Italy and England, where enjoying this moment is very unique. On the 26th I will be flying to Cheshire to participate to Boxing Day, something that doesn’t exist in Italy. Tradition wants that gifts are exchanged with friends and with the less fortunate, but where I go as charity is done all over the year it is just a party with the closest ones- and sales will also start, God bless the Queen 😉 I am so curious and excited! Cantini’s boxing day has always coincided unknowingly with Christmas day, when all family’s friends and friends of friends show up at the house for a big party where between the dancings my father tells many hilarious jokes. This world is so magic in all its shades and different national celebrations. I wish all Christians a merry Christmas full of joy in the reunions with the families, and to those who have not a family or have lost their love to find consolation because family can also be chosen. To my Jewish friends in Tel Aviv that wish me merry Christmas I don’t know the etiquette in the answering as the birth of Christ isn’t really felt (a part in Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Christian sides of Jerusalem) – but I wish the best. To other religions I could wish peace to Buddhists, Induists  and Maoists… and to Muslims as well as long as they stay with their ideas where they belong and don’t attempt to kill to impose their visions and defend the porks (yes, that was the legacy from Anis Amri, the Berlin’s terrorist shot dead in Italy). I wish we wouldn’t kill but having terrorists tortured in the Chinese fashion until they give details… Killing is so dirty, it would be so unnecessary. But I am proud of Italian police and I hope our heroic policeman will be safe and have a lovely Christmas with his family too.


Carissimi, mi scuso per la pigrizia tale da non farmi neanche comunicare che ho finalmente finito gli esami del mio master in relazioni internazionali! Questi ultimi due esami di economia che mi sono lasciata per ultimi mi hanno stremata, nel decidere se accettare o meno un 25 in economia dei mercati finanziari continuavo a pensare a tutte quelle letterine tediose da associare a quei complicati grafici con le loro formule associate, e il mio cuore non ce l’ha fatta a pensare di tornare a rifarlo a gennaio, in un venerdì pomeriggio dove potrei invece essere in Russia a cercare di intervistare Alexander Dugin per la mia tesi. Nonostante ciò, soffro perché probabilmente mi ha tolto i punti bonus per la media e perché l’esame e la professoressa Sabani mi sono davvero piaciuti. Lei mi ha aiutata molto, è stata così disponibile e gentile a farmi esercitare nella prova intermedia, così umana nel ricevermi. Ha premiato i miei sforzi in questa sessione così difficile e non me la sono sentita di rifiutare. Beh, a dire il vero non me la sono mai sentita di rifiutare, anche quando a darmi due 18 sono state due incompetenti (una poi l’ho ripresa pubblicamente citandole il parere di Kissinger e Kaplan che mi davano ragione in mezzo ai colleghi). Mentre dobbiamo essere contenti comunque di non vedere più chi non se lo merita, salutare qualcuno che ci ha fatti crescere e migliorare è più difficile. Potevo migliorare di più, ma a che pro? Da un 14 nella prova intermedia sono passata a un 25 grazie al suo aiuto… e la premio facendole ricorreggere un altro compito, anche se perfetto? Guardare e passare, progredire con la tesi e puntare a laurearmi tra febbraio e aprile – senza pagare le tasse universitarie e anzi vincendo la scolarship per produttività e merito per il terzo anno consecutivo. É comunque una strana sensazione avere finito, non essere più portata a dare gli esami con il mio papà porta fortuna, bere poi con lui un prosecco brindando ai successi… Quanto è stato bello partecipare a questa avventura, quanto sono riconoscente alla mia famiglia che me lo ha permesso sopportando il mio stress, le mie serate spesso eterne prima degli esami… Passare un Natale libero dallo stress di un esame da dare a gennaio è un altro regalo per i miei cari, i quali voglio che siano fieri che inizierò il 2017 all’insegna della scrittura. E così chi legge questo blog vedrà le mie parole stampate all’inizio del 2016 sotto una foto romantica a Times Square ritratte: ho intenzione di scrivere di più adesso che ciò che ho fatto altro che l’università può diventare il mio futuro, come e più del titolo di dottoressa magistrale che acquisirò. Se scrivere era la mia passione tra lo studio e altre numerose, adesso eliminando lo studio o perfezionandolo la mia passione di scrivere deve diventare il mio lavoro  – così non lavorerò mai un giorno nella mia vita (cit. Steve Jobs)..!! Ma  voglio lasciare la retrospettiva di questo intenso anno e i propositi all’ultimo post che scriverò del 2016 – perché merita di essere approfondito in quanto così pieno di viaggi, successi, amori infelici e non, proposte etc. In questa sede auguro buon Natale a tutti i Cristiani, che per questo giorno si riuniscono e vivono una tradizione. Siccome di tradizioni ce ne sono poche in Italia rispetto a paesi che conosco piuttosto bene, come Israele e la Gran Bretagna, prego perché questo Natale possa essere sentito e vissuto intensamente e nella pace. Lo scrivo così accoratamente perché l’attacco terroristico a Berlino mi ha fatto molto male, mio padre mi ha chiamata sofferente mentre ero fuori per condividere il dolore che i genitori di quella ragazza ventenne rimasta uccisa al mercatino natalizio sentivano. In effetti lei potevo essere io, o chiunque altra. In un momento dell’anno in cui ci ricordiamo della famiglia e di tradizioni millenarie, le perdite sono ancora più terribili. Mia nonna ha perso la maggior parte dei suoi cari in questo periodo, e non è infatti amante del Natale. Tutto il mondo quest’anno ha assistito impotente ad un altro attacco efferato, molto simile a quello di Nizza. Dobbiamo perciò stringerci forte ed essere riconoscenti a quei poliziotti che hanno fermato Anis Amri, e soprattutto a chi l’ha ucciso – potevamo altrimenti vivere lo strazio di un attacco proprio sul nostro suolo. Fortuna ha voluto che non ci siano state vittime tra i nostri e che appunto il fatto sia avvenuto di notte. Peccato per l’uccisione, perché se fossimo riusciti a prenderlo e farlo torturare dai cinesi potevamo forse ottenere dettagli importanti. Ma era solo un pazzo fomentato che agiva sotto l’ispirazione, che voleva vendicarsi contro chi mangia maiale… e non c’è stata altra possibilità che la sua morte. Invece di vedere però persone che si scagliano contro il nostro poliziotto e scrivono il suo nome ovunque facendogli rischiare ripercussioni personali dovremmo rispettare il suo anonimato per proteggerlo, e fare come me, congratularsi senza nominarlo. Spero che passi un buon Natale e che la sua famiglia sia ben protetta. Buon Natale a tutto il mondo e a tutte le confessioni (meno l’Islam radicale), che anche se non lo festeggiano, un po’ lo sentono visto che noi Cristiani in questo un po’ di baccano lo facciamo. A presto dal Regno Unito, dove volerò per il Boxing Day, una festa tipica dei paesi del Commonwealth in cui regali tra amici e a persone meno fortunate vengono scambiati… un’altra festa nella pratica, e l’inizio dei saldi in molte parti!


Italy for ExIt

No wonder most of the journals –  The Economist, the Financial TimesThe Huffington Post to say a few of them – and media are talking about us, the Italians who have to go to vote and save themselves from a technical government and the disruption of their banks. Gosh we are meaning something after Brexit came true and Trump was elected. The establishment would like to be reassured about us following the path into slavery of Brussels after having lost its points of referrals. Mr Trump, unlike THAT BLACK MONKEY (and I am not ashamed of calling him in a racist way, if I was in a room with Bin Laden and Stalin and I had a gun with two bullets I’d shoot him twice) in fact announced his intentions to restore the special relationship with the UK.


I don’t think the European Union will come at the end of the queue anyway, as we are clearing our worms: after the hated Sarkozy was  cleared from the scene, the simply idiot Hollande “Flanby” resigned to be a candidate, and Italy has the option to choose where to be and I forecast it will vote NO to take her position between the new winners, having the possibility to choose a new premier that can stay true to the electors. Well, Renzi was never elected in fact… We were victims of a few golpes the last years. I actually like Renzi but he got spoiled by the establishment and it’s too late for him to change. This reform must be his ruin. Go beyond the tempting promises it gives: it cuts only one chamber and it will be elected completely differently by regional preferences as 95 regional counselors would be sitting there. So if eventually the government falls the Senate with its majority could sink every law passed by the opposition. Members of the Parliament would still not have to sign a mandate meanwhile and have their big immunities. So basically nothing changes – we’d go toward the worst. While if the NO wins we could write a better reform and actually vote whoever we want! This is honesty, this is a NO to the world who always denies my beautiful country.


Parlo agli italiani adesso e mi scuso con loro in quanto scrivo troppo spesso in inglese (troppo spesso non è corretto perché scrivo troppo poco rispetto a quanto vorrei) tradendo un po’ anche la mia ideologia nazionalista e anti globalista, contraria a questo establishment che invece vorrebbe cancellare ogni altra lingua e particolarismo per governare il mondo. Scrivo una tesi su Alexander Dugin che ha dovuto scrivere almeno 50 volumi in russo e ispirare le strategie eurasiatiche di Putin per vedere tradotti un numero esiguo di libri (e adesso tocca a me tradurre dal russo i suoi volumi di geopolitica centrali). Beh essenzialmente sto spiegando in semplici parole quanto questa riforma costituzionale faccia schifo. Se son tutti bravi a difendere la costituzione, allora perché non c’è indignazione nel fatto che questa riforma che dovrebbe cambiare per sempre il nostro sistema politico, è stata scritta e firmata da Maria Elena Boschi e Dinis Verdini – quest’ultimo grande approfittatori che in assenza di vincolo di mandato ha dato un altro colpo alla destra italiana? La costituzione è stata comunque fatta da tutti gli schieramenti politici e personalità eccelse prima di entrare in vigore nel 1948 – infatti è comunque vergognosa per il fatto di denigrare il fascismo che a parte l’alleanza con Hitler ci ha resi forti, accettando comunisti mentre in nome di quest’ultima ideologia si mietevano più vittime che con la prima. 95 senatori eletti dai consigli regionali, che si votano in date diverse dai parlamentari, senza vincolo di mandato e con ancora immunità esagerate. Ma non siete stufi di essere presi per il c**o..?? Mi dispiace per Renzi perché mi piacerebbe anche, all’inizio quasi l’avrei votato (non l’ho fatto comunque), ma è l’ultimo burattino dell’establishment rimasto, l’ultimo pedone che deve cadere per poter finalmente ricostruirci. Dopo che Sarkozy è stato eliminato pochi giorni dopo Clinton (avverando la profezia di Gheddafi),e l’adieux a “Flanby” Hollande, non possiamo rimanere indietro ai francesi – è una cosa impensabile in tutto, no? Se vince il NO non crolla il mondo e sopratutto non crollano i mercati, non dobbiamo spaventarci del terrorismo indotto da chi ci vuole comandare. Il mio pronostico l’ho fatto e come nelle altre due importanti occasioni elettorali servo da pura teorica perché pur essendo italiana non credo di poter fisicamente andare a votare perché sono in Inghilterra. Se lo cose andassero male sotto mandato di fidanzamento con gentleman dovrei finire dritta con una nuova nazionalità; un mandato piuttosto conveniente nello scenario internazionale attuale, no? Soprattutto quando si pensa di iscriversi in international relationships alla London School of Economics 😉



The spoiled picky geek


I did it! After an incredibly intense exhausting summer – for my standards, that is relaxing and regenerating -, I came back to my native country with a clear and determined mind. I’m always happy in September, the seasons in which true sensed warmth are starting from now! It’s time to make a treasure from the summer’s experiences and networks, it’s time to handle up our lives on a business level and maybe on a sentimental one – talking for my readers, it can be understood. I’m on the creative motivated side: thesis soon, readings, the bureaucratic stuff to enter a new path of study. I won’t leave political sciences and all that comes from this: communications, international politics and relationships, languages, economy, finance, history etc. я не хочу жениться, я хочу учиться! And since when the university itself rewards me with scholarships (I got 2 of them for productivity and well doing), my very cultivated family – all lawyers and professors…- spoils me and supports me to make me study – l’m the unique child and nephew -, I have special discounts and last but not least studying is not even an effort for me as I live to learn and continuously have challenges… who needs anything else? So since when I’ve came back I kept on moving and I had little time even to sleep – as always, I keep myself busy in other not to waste time. September 1st I bought myself a gift and Apple awarded me with the Education discount: I invested on a McBook Air. Stop getting mad with other products, Apple is esthetically and efficiently the best. No one EVER bought a Mac with so much decision and speed. I was watching the clock while they were installing programs as I was late somewhere else and so I thanked and assured I would have finished everything at home. I was biking (my parents managed to break the Smart car while I was away) with the precious packet and at home I found astonishment. Why waiting a gift for the degree when I live on the edge of excitement and celebration to be home after 2 moths and a half? Live the beauty of the present, because tomorrow is a mystery… and I’ll have other rewards anyway! So installations were made yesterday night, after having hugged my beloved friends in Kavarna – it’s not that important where you go and who you are with, if the owners and the mood are familiar you’ll always feel at home and lucky. I slept maybe 4 hours and today I was in Florence sooooo happy to see my professor, the guardians, the president of the faculty etc! My mum went at the Apple store to have her iPhone repaired for free in 30 minutes meanwhile – again, Apple is the best technology to invest in even for the guarrantee it gives…. In accordance to the theories “The best or nothing” and “Live and think in abundance”, daddy was waiting at home to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and then I strolled out to see my best girlfriends immediately after! Sleepless for the innate sickness of vampirism, this is the first post with my new jewel.

New Year has begun! Did you know that in Russia until 1700 it started in September? Russians have different New Years… In fact it’s relative and there’s no reason to celebrate just once!!


Ps. Someone commented on the post about summer’s impossible  engagement that what I write looks like the Triumphs of Baccus and Arianna… and this someone is perfectly right! Italian Renaissance… The Tuscan’s contribute to the continuity in the beauty, joy and civilization – culture, art, instruction, health and delicious food, etc. – that started in my very country since Roman Empire and the Magna Grecia. 

Quant’è bella giovinezza,
che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c’è certezza.

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Продавайте виллу в красивой Италии – Тоскана!! Ovvero…arrivano i Russi (speriamo!)





Я – и мой отец- чувствовала бы очень рада поговорить о делах с русскими…
I refer to Russians because they invest and I personally know and see how much they like French Riviera (Лазурной Ривьере) and Forte dei Marmi (Форте дей Марми). I am proud I translated the website in that language, but the offer is for everybody – INVESTMENT is the word. As we are similar люди, we would like to propose some affairs in Tuscany and especially in the areas  near to Livorno (Forte dei Marmi included), a nostalgic communist city – I’m talking about its local power –  that would have a high potential though… Can you see its position? In the middle of Italy, with islands easy joinable by yachts, between the seaside and hills; same history than our beloved places in the French département des Alpes-Maritimes… And with a beach club that would have the potential to look like the  Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez:  Calafuria  (check a previous post and on the web ;)).
All that would just need a little dose of capitalism – it doesn’t kill nobody, right? – , sniffing some money and REAL FUN.
Change we can believe in!!!


All the women of the president


There’s nothing more to say about the discovered affaire of the french president Francois Hollande, caught sneaking on a scooter – driven by a bodyguard, hidden by his helmet- at his lover’s house, Julie Gayet, 150 yards from the Élysée palace. The loving boy was seen by a photographer of the gossip magazine Closer that sold for the occasion thousands of copies and put the news under the visibility of the world. I’ve done the exam of political communication this morning, and it’s mostly about presidents and their images, their variations in the popularity curve. The personal image contributes with the political image to form the global one. Scandals contribute visibly to change our favorability toward the presidents, not touching the judgement on their job approval; or at least, so it happened to Bill Clinton who was so able to separe the matter of his infidelities – the president’s personal life – and how he was working as executive organ of the USA. The sexgate involving Monica Lewinsky in 1998 was the cherry on the cake, as before he had the cases Jennifer Flower (he admitted, they even had a long relationship) and Paula Jones (he never admitted but gave her almost 1million $). Anyway, even after the encounters in the so called “oral room” with Monica and an impeachment procedure he managed to maintain a 70% popularity. First Lady Hillary stayed at his side and in 2008 tried to defuse her ultra liberal image. In America private life is highly considered, due to sociological and political factors – prevalence of a Puritan mind, the monocratic figure visibly internationally ruling, and a journalism that doesn’t watch anybody’s eyes having the only criterium is the “newsworthy”-. In european democracies the model of journalism is based on collateralism: a model of interaction between media and politic actors based on a keen attitude of the former toward the firsts. So it was with Mitterrand, who could grow an adolescent daughter had in an extra-marital relationship without the media daring to let go the news public. Who could be so foolish to criticize a politician who has well loved (look at the Act of the Apostle Luke, when Jesus forgives a prostitute because of this very reason)? To make him risk is career for personal affairs? I am afraid to say that judgements are always made upon everything, we like scandals -even of we pretend not- in everyday life, and making the royal figures of presidents ridiculous make everyone smile… We use to forget that they’re human, attempted universities, made steps quite commons. Normal impulses have still to be hidden, it’s no more like when the lovers of the kings of France where widely known and respected. Let’s quote Madame De Pompadour -Luis XV’s lover- who took the champagne into Versailles and helped in the creation of l’Encyclopédie. Lights have never touched America, the star Marylin Monroe was probably killed because of her secret relationship with John Kennedy; almost fifty years later we saw what could have happened -if they were still alive of course. Quite mysterious and intriguing those stories, aren’t they? The fact is: these women make life colorful, today more than the presidents themselves we remember their lovers – with spicy details included. Hollande for instance was known to be the husband of Ségolène Royal, mother of four and candidate at 2007 elections against Sarkozy. She came before him, she’s smarter and more charismatic -even if a socialist. But that pagliaccio of the husband dumped her after almost 7 years of cheating with Valérie Trierweiler -Paris Match journalist bitchy pretending she was friend of the couple-. As we Italians say <<Chi la fa l’aspetti>> and that one is now hospitalized for the shock caused by the cheating of the companion. Even worst, as though she’s not the wife, she can’t be sure to go to Washington visiting Obama the 7th of february. The decision of which woman is up to the president. I smile more than any Italian and French: as Italian, French and everybody else should finally stop pointing the finger against Berlusconi’s bunga bungas and even bow at them -villa,champagne, huge parties, beautiful women…made public. Who on hearth wouldn’t like to express his power like this? Power goes hand to hand with a rich love life, not to say else- ; as a French, are you regretting Sarkozy, are you? Hollande is the most unpopular president of the Vth republic, so unpopular that apparently he even gained in popularity: at least he sneaks to f***k! But still, when it’s about Italians, we’re way ahead. My opinion is that blaming scandals is stupid, everybody should be free to do what he wants and especially presidents: high powers high responsibilities. I was wondering even on the fact that in the US the most conservatives are republicans,  they excell in negative campaigns: in 2000 Karl Rove, Bush’s consultant, planned pushpolls in North Carolina concerning the black daughter of republican adversary McCain -while it’s wasn’t even true, she was adopted!- and so he won. Stupid levels of conservatorism… Misunderstanding its meaning. In Europe the right  preaches conservatorism in the senses of values, respect of women, the right to life etc… The left preaches freedom in a larger sense: it’s favorable to gays’ marriages and adoptions (brrr, will go back on this), interrupting pregnancies and a large dose of boring intellectualism. Berlusconi entered the politic right area founding his party Forza Italia preaching catholic values and still this image is in our minds even if now we know he likes to party in another proper sense; but l wonder why blaming him, he has five sons and still respects his ex wife giving her a crazy amount of money PER DAY (46000€).  His business as a big fish in the cathegory of MEN is done: gaining money then having honey. The world has to go on in all its possible meanings and finally left wing has to take responsibility that their esponents are humans too, not marionnettes -ooops sorry mr Hollande, I’m going to include one hilarious photo of you, to stigmatise the importance of the factor physique du rôle… I am still  shaking for the intensity of your presidency and the charisma you show even in simple discurses like the one of the ending of the year, already registered-.






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Sagra del tartufo

Quest’anno la sagra del tartufo a San Miniato si è tenuta dall’ 8 al 10 novembre. In autunno credo sia imperdibile una buona degustazione, e meno male c’è chi nella fattispecie la pensa come me e anzi è più dinamica di me visto che io non sarei in grado di guidare fino a lì. Con tre amiche, avevamo immaginato di cenare tra gli stand; in realta, alle 20.00 erano già chiusi – a parte due o tre-.

Quindi , deluse ma ancora decise a gustare le raffinate prelibatezze, ci siamo trovate alla ricerca di un ristorante adatto alle nostre esigenze. E’ stata una sorpresa trovare che quella che io a prima vista avevo immaginato essere una “mensa popolare” era – si, una cooperativa ma – estremamente raffinata, sia come menu sia come edificio e spazio. A voi giudicare la sala…

Quattro ragazze incastrate in una tavolata, con ottime bottiglie di Chianti del 2009 (preferisco Bolgheri e Brunello di Montalcino, ma quella volta mi sono accontentata molto volentieri) e un sfilata eccellente di piatti a base di tartufo: gnudi affogati nella crema, crepes, schiacciate…. Per terminare con un ottimo castagnaccio.
Insomma, è stata un’improvvisata ben riuscita. Tanto riuscita che poi eravamo cosi allegre da perderci per il paese nel cercare la macchina. Il bar Cantini è stato un riferimento!

Appello alle mie amiche livornesi per pressante voglia di pizza al tartufo alla Bisteccheria, unico posto che ho visto finora dove è autenticamente grattato e dove viene proposta una lista di vini rossi indicati. Sapete che gli oli e le salse che vengono aggiunti comunemente in pizze con la stessa denominazione sono ottenuti da composti del petrolio? Infatti, diffidate dei prezzi bassi e delle denominazioni “tartufate” .

I’ve been talking about local Italian food events, in particular this posts is about truffles. San Miniato in Tuscany, and Alba in northern Italy are two little towns famous the first for black quality truffles, the second for white and rarest ones. Anyway,this is a fall’s delicacy and no wonder there are festivals dedicated to it. I was in San Miniato last weekend and I am counting the funny dinner I had with three friends of mine. Beware if you decide to follow a festival or a local market in Italy: at 20.00 this event was already over, and generally in anyone of them stands last no longer! When we say Italy is a country for old people…