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New beginning same hopes

Happy new year to my readers and followers!! I celebrated pretty well this new year, I can’t complain for anything. I had dinner at my friends’ hotel and then went out at Jimmy’z… We had a super dinner and I was tipsy the right way at the end. I was so happy to find Rubens – my infamous cat – in the bed; he was strangely sweeter than ever, kissing my hand while I was falling asleep. The sexiest end, I couldn’t have a better company 😉

1st of January to let the company recover and celebrate the Italian way with my parents. In Italy we use to eat “cotechino e lenticchie”; lentils mean money and there’s no way Italians could avoid such a dish in this day. The meat is very fat – it’s made out of a pig’s trotter – and we’re unlikely to eat it normally.

It’s so tasty!!
After that I feel obliged to burn going to dance somewhere, I am pretty glad I went out again even if Monte-Carlo looked like splashed in desolation, with Before and Jimmy’z closed..! So we headed to Buddah Bar, mostly full of Italians… I was with an Italian friend, so let’s cheer to my good living nation hoping this year will take money and business’ ideas (degree in hand) and new experiences in other town and continents.
A woman is never too rich and thin!



Dark Home

Last weekend I took the chance to follow my parents to Monte-Carlo and we had dinner at the Dark Home, a nice restaurant in Fontvieille, just before the Beefbar. Not only the place is nice and you can choose between a French menu and an Asiatic one, but the quality of sushi is surprising though the prices are low (differently from Italy, in Monaco Japanese cooks are not Chinese) and if you stay at the side of the aperitivo (le petit Dark Home, at the corner) you can enjoy some life music.

I am partial maybe because  we know the manager and we’re particularly pleased to filosofically speak with him about the whereabouts of the city and the dust under the lights of luxury… We first met when I was 15 and I really didn’t like him because he tried always to kick me away from the Kare(ment), the disco we all minor loved, closed soon after I’d turned 18 because too many people of my generation finished at the hospital after the party. Stefan worked well though, and was replied being sent to other clubs next years like Black Legend and Jimmy’z. The guy is a legend désormais and MC is a town and indeed he’s always remembered me and cheered at good times everytime we meet; since when l am major l am more a help than a danger, especially in PR 😉

Here’s some pictures of that summer there, old times at Black Legend and new gadgets from this week end.

Everything is very tasty, if someone goes please say my name and accept suggestions, it’s all blasting and new!

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XX, A.